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A Selection of Nostalgic, Hard-to-Find Toys at The Vermont Country Store

At The Vermont Country Store, we believe in providing children with the wonderful toys you may remember from days gone by. Allow us to introduce a new generation to the toys you grew up playing with yourself. They offer hours of timeless fun for the young and young at heart. You may have even forgotten about some of the nostalgic gizmos and gadgets we carry. You never know what you'll discover, or rediscover, in our collection of classic toys. Shop everything from Clackers to Original Colorforms, a classic Jack-in-the-Box, and plush Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

Take Your Traditional Board Games to the Next Level

Board games never go out of style! Especially today, classic board games are a welcomed distraction, a fun way to pass the time, and a catalyst for bringing friends and family together. Our classic board games provide hours of screen-free fun at a time when technology can be difficult to escape. At The Vermont Country Store, we carry the popular games you may remember playing as a child, and will still enjoy playing today.

Our selection of board games is extra unique. You'll find elevated versions of the board games you love, that are difficult to find anywhere else. Many of our board game sets look like they could be pieces of decor and fit in with the finest living rooms. Say goodbye to plastic pieces and flimsy boards, because the game sets we carry are made from sturdy materials such as solid cherry wood and die-cast metal. Be sure to check out our Luxury versions of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue, for hours of fun. We also carry classic editions of the board games you love—made to look like they did when they came out in the ‘30s and ‘40s.

Bring Out the Musician in Children With Our High-Quality Toy Instruments

There's a lot to say on the benefits of music, especially for early childhood development. Growing up listening to and playing music can help with the development of social skills and instill confidence and creativity in young ones. That's why we carry a selection of toy instruments to help budding musicians learn and grow. No matter if music ends up becoming a fun hobby or a full-blown career, toy instruments from The Vermont Country Store are the perfect introduction to the wonder of music for children. Our musical instrument toys are made with quality construction, taking after their full-size counterparts. Below are several of the instruments for children you can find in our selection of toys and games:

Make Time for Play With Help From The Vermont Country Store

In a time where screens take up so much of our day, for children and adults alike, it's important to find opportunities to unplug. Our nostalgic toys, games, musical instruments, and more, can open up a world of opportunity and hours of amusement away from a busy world.