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Explore Our Collection of Handwoven Braided Wool Products

Durable Braided Rugs Withstand the Test of Time

Since the 18th century, braided wool rugs have been braided and stitched by hand, and that is one thing that has not changed. Our authentic 100% wool rugs are crafted by local artisan rug makers who wrap premium wool fibers around a dense fiber core and expertly braid the rugs with strong monofilament thread. This allows them to stay together, bringing lasting beauty to your home. Not to mention, they are reversible for double the use and are made with a "flat braid" to avoid that nagging curling around their edges.

Choose from a Variety of Accessories

Not only do we carry the classic braided wool rug in various shapes and sizes, but we also have decorative and comfy braided wool chair pads and stair treads. Zhuzh up your hard, wooden stairs or chairs with a soft, colorful, and comfortable layer from our Northshire Multicolor Braided Wool Stair Tread or Chair Pad collection. We even offer a Stair Tread Kit for quick and easy installation. Braided and stitched using a "flat braid" just like our rugs, these items will add the perfect amount of padding with their cushioning fiber core.

Accentuate Your Home with Stylish and Comfortable Braided Wool

In a time when fully carpeted floors and stairs are fading out, rugs, runners, and stair treads are in (though they never went anywhere). These timeless, beautifully designed rugs are made with style in mind. Our rich, updated colors will accentuate your current home's décor while keeping your feet warm and cozy. Whether you're into the classic multicolor style or would prefer a more modern, solid color, these braided wool rugs age and wear beautifully over time (kind of like a fine wine) and maintain their soft and comfortable feel.

Check out our entire collection of braided wool products and spruce up your home with our cozy, durable, and stylish rugs, stair treads, and chair pads!