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Add Beautiful Mosser Glass Pieces to Your Kitchen

The beginning of Mosser Glass can be traced back to the Cambridge Glass Company, which originated in Cambridge, Ohio. Thomas Mosser began working at Cambridge Glass Company as a teenager when his father worked as a plant manager there. These were the foundational years where Tom discovered a passion for glass. At Cambridge Glass Company, he learned the tricks of the trade and the intricate work it takes to make fine and beautiful glassware. When the Cambridge Glass Company first closed in 1954 (reopening and closing permanently shortly thereafter), Thomas Mosser began working towards opening his own glass business, eventually founding what's known today as Mosser Glass.

Mosser Glass specializes in a number of beautiful and intricate glass pieces made from original glass molds. In the early years of Mosser Glass, Tom spent years collecting the proper equipment and saving the money he’d need to begin production. He first began creating glass in what was formerly a chicken coop.

Tom Mosser first entered into the glass industry himself by producing glass products for pharmaceutical use. After some time spent honing the craft and creating top-quality glass, he began to create pieces for the home. Today, it’s likely you’ve seen Mosser Glass in a number of homes, restaurants, and bakeries.

Signature Mosser Pieces

Mosser Glass Cake Stand

Mosser Glass has crafted pedestal cake stands that are sure to complement the most beautiful baked goods. These pedestal cake plates are available in transparent colors and opaque milk glass. They are the perfect accent piece for bakeries as well as those looking to present their famous family desserts. Mosser Glass is well-known for these alluring cake pedestals made from original glass molds.

The Mosser Glass Eye Winker Collection

The Mosser Glass Eye Winker Collection features beautiful Victorian Era designs used on pitchers, goblets, candy dishes, and salt and pepper shakers. Pieces in this collection are hand pressed, intricate, and elegant.

Christmas Decorations from Mosser

Mosser Glass has not only created beautiful dishes but lovely decorative pieces for Christmastime. Twinkling glass in clear, green, and red is cut to look like a beautiful evergreen tree, available in three sizes. Additionally, a ruby red sleigh and traditional diamond cut candy dish can round out your Christmas decorations.

Different Varieties of Glass

Milk Glass

Milk Glass originates from 16th century Venice and became popular in America during the 19th century. Although the name suggests the glass is only white like milk, milk glass can be found in a number of different opaque shades such as jadeite and light pink. Milk glass can be molded into a number of different shapes and functional pieces.

Jadeite Glass

Jadeite glass is arguably the most popular shade of milk glass. Not only is it a beautiful color that’s complementary to a number of interiors, but it’s also known for being extremely durable. Jadeite glass is both stain and heat resistant. Because of this, you can find jadeite glass pieces ranging from lemon reamers to salt and pepper shakers.

Uranium Glass (Vaseline Glass)

Uranium Glass is nicknamed Vaseline glass for many of its yellowish pieces that match the color and sheen of petroleum jelly. Created in a number of molds, the colors of this glass range from light green to yellow. A unique characteristic of Uranium glass is that it glows brightly under Ultraviolet light.

Starting a Collection of Your Own

Today, you can purchase a number of beautiful pieces from Mosser Glass at The Vermont Country Store. From kitchen plates and drinkware to decorative glass for the holidays, Mosser Glass is sure to add a reminiscent and classic look to any home.