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The Advantages of Portuguese Flannel Bedding

Your comfort is important, especially when it comes to choosing your bedding. On average a person spends over 200,000 hours of their life in bed; the right bedding can help determine the quality of sleep you get. So, if you’re looking for high-quality, comfortable flannel bedding that’s made to last, Portuguese flannel has you and your bed, covered.

For over 100 years, Portugal has been producing the very best 100% cotton flannels. The secret to producing the world’s finest flannel fabric begins with the highest-quality cotton. Portugal’s long-staple cotton grows close to the Atlantic Ocean which makes it softer, more durable, and resistant to pilling. Before it’s spun into thread, the soft, fluffy fibers are harvested from the cotton plants and combed multiple times to remove the seeds, as well as any impurities such as fibers too short for fabric production. After its spun into threads, the cotton is woven into textiles from which fine products such as bed sheets, pillows shams, blankets, and more are made.

Portuguese flannel may not be the cheapest option available when it comes bedding, but why settle for an inferior product that won’t hold up over time? A few washes in, cheaper flannels start to pill and wear out making them uncomfortable and in need of replacing far more often. That makes the slightly higher prices of fine Portuguese flannel a worthy investment. You’re investing in your comfort, wellbeing, and the quality of your sleep.

How to Make the Coziest Bed

When cooler weather arrives and crispness is in the air, a Vermont tradition is changing our bedding from cotton percale to warm flannel. Our fine Portuguese flannel is made from 100% cotton and is both breathable and insulating, making it an excellent option for layering in both warm and cool temperatures. Here are some easy steps on how to make your bed like a Vermonter:

  1. Determine your sleep style. Do you generally sleep warmer or colder?
  2. For warm sleepers, start with one of our light mattress protectors to help increase airflow, then make your bed as you would normally using one of our Portuguese flannel sheet sets. Add light, breathable layers such as our cotton blankets, quilts, and bedspreads over your sheets. Remove or replace layers as needed until you reach your optimal sleeping temperature.
  3. For cold sleepers, start with one of our insulated mattress pads to help retain heat and then make your bed as you would normally with our Portuguese flannel sheet sets. Add heavier layers such as our Merino Wool blankets, quilts, and down or down alternative comforters until you reach your ideal level of warmth.
Pro TipIf you’re still cold after the above, consider adding one of our premium heated electric blankets to your layers.

How to Care for Your Flannel Bedding

Caring for high-quality flannel bedding is easy. Follow these simple tips and your flannel bedding will look great wash after wash, year after year:

  1. Wash your flannel bedding separately from other items in cool water.
  2. Select the gentle cycle to reduce pilling and lint.
  3. Use a mild detergent—avoid bleach and fabric softener.
  4. Always tumble dry on low heat or air dry.
  5. Promptly remove from the dryer to avoid wrinkles.

Our heirloom-quality Portuguese flannel sheets are an investment that will pay off for years to come. With proper care, your flannel bedding will stay soft, cozy, and comfortable after each washing. When your weather turns cool, experience the difference of Portuguese flannel bedding and sleep like a Vermonter.