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Shop Our Traditional Mountain Weavers Table Linen Collection

In the Appalachian Mountains, weaving came to represent independence and adaptability in a harsh and often dangerous environment. Weaving provided a practical, functional finished product that was both durable and beautiful. As an outlet for creativity and cultural expression, weaving traditional patterns exemplifies the character and way of life of the mountain people.

The Mountain Weavers Pattern

The geometric weave dates back to traditional North Carolina and Tennessee patterns woven by generations of Appalachian Mountain dwellers. Like the people who created it, the design has very practical qualities; the two-color homespun pattern produces small squares on one side and larger squares on the other.

This pattern allows the versatility of using either side, depending on which pattern you prefer. And because it's reversible, the tablecloth that was used at breakfast can simply be turned over and used again at suppertime for a whole new look that saves you time, saves you wash water.

The Mountain Weavers Fabric

It all begins with the finest USA-grown cotton. From the cotton, a two-ply, open-ended, ring spun yarn is created. Once the yarn is dyed to the owners' specifications, it is shipped to a New England mill, where it is woven into 64" and 75" width rolls. This allows them to cut all their various size items with minimal waste.

Hand-Cut, Hand-Finished Quality

In the small Dorset shop, a team effort ensues. Each item is individually cut by hand, hand-fringed, machine stitched, folded, and labeled. It's a time-consuming process of patience and attention to detail. In today's world of mass-produced goods, very few table linens are hand-fringed anymore, especially round tablecloths. The creation of our Mountain Weavers table coverings preserves what would otherwise become a lost art.

With all of the hand-finishing steps, Mountain Weavers table linens are viewed at least five times, each time presenting an opportunity to spot any defects and either be repaired or rejected. The result of this extensive care and handling: heirloom quality and beauty that will be an important part of your family's every day life for years to come.

Mountain Weavers Table Linens

The Vermont Country Store is proud to carry a range of table linens featuring the Mountain Weavers pattern. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, you can choose napkins, placemats, and tablecloths that will coordinate with almost any decor. Don't be afraid to mix and match your favorite colors. Here are some of our favorite color combinations.

Mountain Weavers Table Linens are available in:

How to measure for a Mountain Weavers Tablecloth

When measuring for a tablecloth, it will be helpful to have a few basic measurements. You'll want to be sure to measure your table as you intend to use it, for example, if you intend to use the leaves of your table, you’ll want to include them in your measuring. If your table is rectangular, oblong, or oval, you’ll want to measure the length and width and make a note of the dimensions. For square or round tables, only one measurement is needed. If you don’t have the dimensions of your table, it’s okay. We’ve included a handy chart below that will help you estimate what size tablecloth to order based on how many people you can comfortably seat at your table.

Once you have the measurements of your table, you'll need to decide how much fabric you’d like to drape over the sides. This is called "drop" and we recommend at least a 10 to 15 inch drop on all sides. If you want a 10 inch drop on all sides, add 20 inches to both the length and width measurements of your table. For example, if your table measures 42 inches by 70 inches, you would order a tablecloth that measures at least 62 inches by 90 inches.

Mountain Weavers Ordering and Care

Because of the weave of the 100% cotton, up to 10% shrinkage after the first wash is perfectly natural. Washing the tablecloth tightens the weave and softens the fabric. Please order accordingly. When in doubt, consider the next larger size. Cold water machine washing and line drying are recommended. Mountain Weavers table linens are heirloom quality. With proper care, they will last beyond a lifetime.

Quick Tip! After washing, lay the wet cloth out flat. Gently stretch the fabric, applying even, and slow tension to opposite edges of the cloth. This gentle stretching motion will help reduce the amount of shrinkage you experience.