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Portable Yard Darts Lawn Game In Yard Setting
Original Pogo Bal Outdoor Game
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Toys & Books

Recall the Small Pleasures of Childhood with our Selection of Toys and Books


Ah, to be a kid again. Times were simpler back then, when the biggest worry you had was whether or not Mom and Dad would let you watch cartoons or if you'd be having broccoli with dinner again--yuck! Nowadays it can be hard to tear the kids away from their beloved screens. But here at The Vermont Country Store, our collection of vintage toys has been inspiring kids to get up off the couch and go play for decades on end. They're imaginative, interpretive, and creative, and children will love the endless possibilities within these collectible toys--and if you're young at heart, we think you'll adore them, too.

Classic and Antique Fisher Price Toys

The name Fisher Price calls to mind delightful days from our youth and vintage toys that are just as fun today as they were in yesteryear! Classic and antique fisher price toys like their kids' record player (that actually played five different children's records!) were a beloved part of our own childhoods, and now today's kids can experience the joys of these vintage toys, too.

Musical Instruments to Let Them Get Creative

It might drive you crazy, but kids have to express themselves somehow! Among our collectible toys are plenty of musical instruments that will provide hours of entertainment and perhaps even ignite a passion for music in your little one. From harmonicas to accordions, drums to kazoos, guitars to pianos, these kid-size vintage toys will inspire the younger crowd to get loud.

Board Games, Play Sets and Jigsaw Puzzles

The whole family used to spend evenings gathered around the kitchen table, a Parcheesi board or Chinese checkers set in the center. Game night provided hours of happy memories, and now you can pass on those wonderful times to your own children and grandchildren with these vintage toys and games, like memory matching games, word games, puzzles featuring storybook characters, pick up sticks, and more. There are even outdoor game sets like cornhole, croquet, and bocce, as well as swings and zip lines to encourage your kids to enjoy the great outdoors.

Kids’ Playroom Furniture

Our adorable furniture will brighten up your child's playroom or bedroom while providing ample storage for their vintage toys, puzzles, and games. Little girls will love the crackled rose wood set covered in dainty pink, gold, and white detailing--the table and chairs are just perfect for dressing up and having a tea party. Play kitchens will have your little Betty Crocker or Emeril Lagasse "cooking" up a storm in no time, with none of the mess. And ride-along toys and rockers will get all their extra energy out so they'll be all tuckered out by naptime.

From tiny babies up to young teens, kids of all ages will love the vintage flair and endless fun of these collectible toys.