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Proprietor's Picks
For The Love of Vermont. Buy Now
Discover The Vermont General Store® Proprietor's Picks.
Evening In Paris Eau De Parfum
The Mountain Weavers Collection
These tried-and-true table linens are made in Vermont. From the homegrown cotton to the hand-fringed trim, their quality is unmatched.
Irish Wool Sweaters
Feel the difference an authentic Irish sweater makes. They're knit with the same quality and tradition that protect men and women from the damp, wind-swept conditions of the Emerald Isle.
Add a little fun to your wardrobe with M.MAC. Their soft cotton knits come in a variety of easy-wearing styles and playful prints.
Kids grow up fast enough, so make the most of their childhood with these classic toys, books, and games.
Peter Rabbit
Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit continues to capture the imagination of kids and adults alike with this collection of treasured keepsakes.
Peanuts Gang
It's a Peanuts fan's dream come true. From pajamas and bedding to towels and soap, we have it all.
Lemon Up
Who says the ’70's are gone forever? With our Lemon Up collection of shampoo, soap, and more, you'll feel like they never left.
Silver Savior
Psoriasis, eczema, and dry irritated skin have finally met their match. Soothe and restore your skin with the healing power of 99.9% pure colloidal silver.
A beauty secret of women for over 90 years, Tangee cosmetics bring out your natural beauty without making you look "made up."
Ella Simone
Timeless sleepwear and apparel—thoughtfully detailed, beautifully designed, and always in style.
Orton Brothers Apparel
Classic, easy-to-wear styles inspired by the Orton family’s commitment to practical and functional goods that stand the test of time.
Discover our Proprietor's Signature Fabrics collections.
What makes our denim so comfortable? It's made from soft 100% cotton so it is easy to wear all day, every day.
Lightweight and breathable, seersucker gently kisses your skin with its beloved crinkled weave. It provides air-cooled comfort night after night.
Portuguese Flannel
Made in Portugal, Europe's premier flannel producer, our flannel is brushed an impressive 3 times, making it exceptionally soft and comfortable.
Portuguese Percale
Our cool, crisp percale from Portugal is as comfortable as it is enduring. It won't pill or fray, and turns every night into a dream.
Discover our Proprietor's Made With Pride collections.
Made in the USA
It should come as no surprise that we carry many products made right here in the USA. They're a testament to both the skill and dedication of the American worker.
The Vermont Country Store Maple Syrup
There's a lot to love about Vermont, but no more than the products that are made here. The quality is second to none and you're guaranteed the best of the Green Mountains.


You never know what you'll find at The Vermont Country Store, and this holds especially true in our proprietor’s picks. This is where we feature exclusive brands, hard-to-find items, unique holiday decor, and other exceptional goods. Our proprietor’s picks are also chock full of classic products that are practical, useful, and just plain fun.

Shop Our Selection of Popular Brands From the Past 

We take pride in offering our customers brands from the past that can be difficult (or impossible) to come across anywhere else. We curate a selection of high-quality, unique, and useful goods.

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out a brand or product you’ve come to know and love has been discontinued. You may find yourself switching to a new shampoo or signature scent when this occurs. Lucky for you, The Vermont Country Store pays attention to the demand for many popular brands from the past. We realize that people are diehard fans of these products for a reason, and sometimes we decide to bring them back (occasionally with new and improved formulas). Not only do we aim to bring our loyal customers the popular brands they've enjoyed, but to introduce these products to a new audience who never got to experience them in their heyday.

Our exclusive brands from the past include fragrances and colognes, Lemon Up—the popular citrus hair care line from the 70s, Tangee makeup, some of your favorite penny candies, and more. Reminisce and rejoice in the fact that you can find your favorite products once again!

Be Sure to Look Here for Vermont-made Gifts

Vermont is a truly unique and special state. Small but mighty, it’s a producer of some of the finest foods and home to many talented artisans. For a taste of Vermont, you’ll want to try some of the delicious cheese varieties and maple products we offer. Our state is a producer of some of the best! Additionally, you’ll see that our handcrafted items are constructed with quality in mind. We carry beautifully woven table-setting pieces and dare we say, the warmest and toughest socks. If you’re in search of the perfect gift, look no further.

Find What You’re Looking for and Discover Even More!

What can’t you unearth in our proprietor’s picks? From quality clothing, personal care items, and the sweetest maple syrup—you can discover it all in proprietor’s picks at The Vermont Country Store. Take a look around and take your time; there's a lot to explore and discover here!