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Storekeeper Cutting a 33 Pound Cheddar Wheel
  1. Storekeeper Cutting a 33 Pound Cheddar Wheel
  2. Storekeeper Cutting a 33 Pound Cheddar Wheel

Storekeeper's Vermont Cheddar Cheese Wheel, 33 Pound Wheel

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Item #74995
Cheese Lovers, This is the Big One! A Giant Wheel of Aged Artisan Cheddar—From the Heart of Cheese Country

Nobody will go home hungry when you serve up this big wheel of cheese at your next party! It's approximately 33 pounds of premium whole milk cheddar, aged to perfection right here in Vermont. That's enough cheddar for 76 party platters, 308 grilled cheese sandwiches, or 600 cheeseburgers!

For 70 years, we have kept a big wheel of cheddar cheese on our cheese counter, where we learned the storekeeper's art of slicing off exactly one pound just by eye. And every so often, much to our surprise, we sell a whole wheel for a wedding, retirement party, or holiday feast. So we thought it was time to offer folks outside Vermont a taste of the Big Cheese.

And what a cheese it is! Vermont Cheddar is creamy white in color and slightly crumbly in texture, with a full, nutty, mellow flavor. It's made from the whole fresh milk of Jersey cows raised on our small family farms. Jerseys are those fawn-colored cows you see on Vermont hillsides. They don't produce as much milk as Holsteins, but the milk is richer and creamier with notably higher butterfat content, and more calcium and protein. The cheese is aged for at least one year, inspected, and turned by hand every few weeks.

If you've got a cheese lover on your list, someone who says "I just can't get enough Vermont cheddar," then treat them to this very, very special cheese. We guarantee it's so good, they could eat the whole thing and not be tired of it!

  • Made with whole fresh milk from Jersey cows
  • Aged for over 1 year
  • Slightly crumbly texture with a creamy mouthfeel
  • Mild, mellow tanginess and rich, nutty flavor
  • Makes a wonderful gift, great conversation piece, and delicious addition to holiday parties of equal grandeur
  • Approx. 33 lb. wheel
  • Made in Vermont
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