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Made in Vermont

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Unique Products That
Embody the Spirit of Vermont

Natural Balance Aromatherapy Patches
Single-Serving Pottery Mini-Pitcher
Mountain Weavers Hartland Patriotic Plaid Weave Cotton Table Runner, 14 Inch Wide
Unique Products That
Embody the Spirit of Vermont


People love to receive gifts from Vermont! Vermont souvenirs let them experience some of the many things that make the Green Mountain State so special. Explore our selection of items that have been handmade in Vermont and curated for you. You’ll discover the best maple syrup in the world, Darn Tough Socks, delicious New England fare, and much more.

Shop Authentic Items Handcrafted in Vermont

We wouldn’t be called The Vermont Country Store if we didn’t sell VT gifts and souvenirs. In our selection of items made in Vermont, you’ll find:

  • Tried and true remedies
  • Personal care products
  • Vermont crafted homespun linens and home decor
  • Pancake mix and other food items our little state is best known for
  • Durable clothing that will keep you toasty warm
  • and the list continues…

Take a look around, you never know what amazing products you might find!

Gift The Fine Flavors of Vermont

In our selection of gifts made in Vermont, you’ll find the bold flavors of a small, humble state. In Vermont, of course, we’re known for our pure maple syrup. When introducing someone to our state, we can’t help but ask if they’ve ever tried real Vermont maple syrup. If the answer is “no,” we want to introduce them to it right away! Whether you’re giving to someone near or far, pure Vermont maple syrup makes a wonderful gift. We also have maple butter, maple leaf candies, and maple kettle corn for new and unique takes on our very own nectar of the Gods.

If you’re going for something savory, Vermont is also a producer of fine cheese. In our store, you’ll find different varieties of cheddar There’s extra-sharp, maple-smoked, smoked horseradish, garlic, truffle, and the list goes on. Pair with some artisan wheat crackers and delicious smoked sausage for a flavorful and savory taste of Vermont that makes a great gift.

Shop Apothecary Favorites Made in VT

In our selection of Vermont made products, you’ll find fragrant soaps, skin salves, body powder, lotion, solid perfumes, and more. Our Vermont gift shop is a one-stop-shop! For someone who can’t get enough of personal care products, we carry items that have been relied on for generations. Whether it’s Bag Balm, a skin moisturizer that’s been a local favorite for over 100 years, or an all-natural body spray that’s exclusive to our store, we have the Vermont gifts you’re looking for.

We Sell Clothing That’s Both Stylish and “Darn Tough”

Support the local economy even further by shopping clothing items and accessories made in Vermont. Nowadays, it can be difficult to tell where clothing has come from and whether it has been ethically produced. When you shop our selection of clothing items made in Vermont, you'll know they’ve been made by local craftsmen and artisans. We carry popular Darn Tough Socks woven from merino wool, to name one of our well-known items. Besides the warmest socks, our range of Vermont-made clothing and accessories is always changing. Check back often for the latest fashions made in the Green Mountain State.