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Reusable Bowl Covers, Set of 8
Single-Serving Pottery Mini-Pitcher


The easiest solutions aren’t always the most eco-friendly. But, at The Vermont Country Store, we care about the environment and would like this to change. Here, we’ve gathered some amazing food storage solutions to keep your kitchen organized while also contributing to less waste in the kitchen.

If you’re ready to ditch (or reduce your use of) cling wrap, tin foil, and zip-top food storage bags, we have the alternatives you’ve been looking for. In our selection of reusable lids and bags, you can also find beautiful dishes for storage and serving. Take a look around to get your kitchen in tip-top shape.

Sweet Solutions for Sugary Kitchen Staples

Sometimes, all you need to make something better is a touch of sugar. In our food storage solutions, you’ll not only find sustainable solutions but also ones that will add a decorative touch to your kitchen. Shop striking glass and stoneware pieces, such as our mini pitcher, perfect for maple syrup as well as savory sauces. These pitchers are handmade in Vermont from fire-glazed clay.

We also have glass honey warmers and dispensers. Say goodbye to sticky bottles and jars with the well thought out design of this handy dispenser. It has an easy trigger release so you get the perfect amount of honey every time.

Plastic Wrap Alternatives for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

In our selection of food storage items, you’ll also find several reusable items that can cut down on the amount of single-use plastic in the kitchen. One of our favorite items you’ll discover are our reusable bowl covers.

Made from durable vinyl, these are a great alternative to plastic wrap. They're sold in a set of 8 that contains different sizes to fit a range of containers. If you’re looking to make a green change in the kitchen while still keeping your food fresh, these bowl covers are a great place to start.

Another sustainable option we carry is Vermont-made Bee’s Wrap. This reusable food wrap is made from organic cotton coated in beeswax. It’s a great alternative to sandwich bags and plastic wrap! Perfect to use as a sandwich wrap or bowl cover, and is great for storing produce and wrapping bread.

Make The Most of Your Kitchen Space with Our Storage Solutions

Oftentimes, kitchens are cramped, and creativity is required when trying to make the most of the room. Are you using vertical space that's available? Our handy hanging fruit and vegetable basket is a space saver. It features three tiers for storing all types of produce.

Whether you’re trying to make up for a lack of counter space or working to cut down on single-use plastics, our food storage solutions belong in every kitchen.