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Food Prep Tools

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If you love to cook, you realize how much time is spent prepping ingredients for a recipe. Of course, we can’t all have sous chefs in our kitchen helping us perform the often time-consuming tasks that come before cooking an actual meal. Luckily, many of the tools you’ll discover in our food preparation category are designed to take the work out of prep work.

When you add some of our food prep tools to your kitchen, you’ll find that recipes will be whipped up with greater efficiency. From the obscure to the niche, to the universally useful, we have everything you need for fast kitchen preparation at The Vermont Country Store.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Has The Essentials

In our selection of food prep tools, we carry items that are a necessity for almost every kitchen. Choose from beautiful glass or stoneware mixing bowls. Our sturdy bowls are a favorite, and with proper care, they will last a lifetime.

We also have classic measuring cups and spoons so you can cook and bake with the utmost precision. Additionally, you can find mini measuring glasses for when a recipe calls for a small amount of a liquid. These are also great to have on hand for measuring daily liquid supplements.

Unusual Prep Tools Hard to Find Anywhere Else

As we’ve mentioned, you can find some unique prep tools in our collection. For avocado aficionados, we have a slicer made specifically for the popular fruit. It’s perfect for making large batches of guacamole. Our Push-Button Cherry Pitter makes pitting fresh cherries a breeze, so you can get to baking or preparing a fresh fruit salad in no time.

We also carry a handy herb stripper that makes measuring and de-stemming fresh herbs a breeze. You’ll no longer need to take time pulling individual leaves off stems as this tool does all the hard work for you in a single motion. Pull a fresh herb’s stem through the appropriate size hole and they will collect in the attached bowl that even includes measurements for your convenience.

Commonly Used Kitchen Helpers

Don’t forget to shop for more often used kitchen tools. Here, you can find cheese graters, good for grating more than just cheese (think potatoes and veggies). We also have a stainless steel zester, apple peelers, vegetable peelers, and a steamer basket for cooking flavorful vegetables with a more desirable texture. These are only a few of the helpful gadgets that can make a time-consuming recipe or task that much quicker!

Take a look around and see what food prep tools would make cooking quicker and more enjoyable for you.