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Gifts for Kids

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Portable Yard Darts Lawn Game In Yard Setting
Peanuts Playground Fun Cotton Percale Sheet Set


Buying gifts for kids isn’t as easy as it seems. If you’re stuck on unique gift ideas for children, make The Vermont Country Store your first stop. Impress kids of all ages with gifts and toys that’ll keep them occupied for hours on end. From challenging puzzles and cuddly stuffed animals to classic toys of yesteryear, our gifts for kids will last your little ones for the years to come.

Save time with holiday gift ideas

At The Vermont Country Store, we know your schedule’s packed during the months of November and December. That’s why we wanted to lift a bit of the holiday stress off your shoulders with a select offering of holiday gift ideas.

When it comes to great gift ideas for children, you can’t go wrong with music. The kids in your life will love our collection of instruments, including a metal kazoo a traditional recorder, as well as an acoustic guitar and key piano. Stoke the fires of creativity in your youngsters with these hard-to-find gifts for kids and you’ll soon have a little Beethoven running around the house.

The holidays might be your favorite time of year, but they’re also the craziest. We’ve got you covered on holiday gift ideas, so you can focus on your schedule.

Give the gift of reading

Not sure what to get your budding bookworm? Why not give the gift of reading? We’re proud to offer a selection of books that make for great birthday and holiday gift ideas. Stack your little reader’s bookshelves full with a Raggedy Ann pop-up book, the Flower Fairies Book Collection, or the Dick and Jane Reading Collection. You can even read these books together before tucking them in at night. After all, sometimes, the best gifts for kids are the ones you can enjoy together.

Unite the family with gifts for everyone

At The Vermont Country Store, our shelves are filled to the brim with unique gifts kids love. That’s why we figured we’d pull something out of the bag for everyone. After all, nothing brings a family together like games they can play together.

Family members of all ages will laugh in tears when as they giggle and twist into impossible shapes with a classic game of Twister. When temperatures allow, our outdoor games will also do the trick. Relish in a game of horseshoes when the sun shines or our steel saucer to sled over snowy hills. No matter what the season, these unique gift ideas for children will help your kids create memories they’ll cherish forever.

Ignite his or her imagination with challenging and unique gift ideas for children

Finding the right gifts for kids can be tough, especially if you have a little Einstein at home, Easily bored and wickedly smart, these little wizards long for presents that’ll put their brains to the test. At The Vermont Country Store, we’ve got unique gift ideas for kids that will challenge them and broaden their horizons. Sharpen your little rascals’ critical thinking skills with rubix cubes and Chinese checkers. A game of memory will tease their brains and build their memory muscles for years to come. Ideal for passing time and staving off boredom, these gifts for kids will reward them with a priceless head start in the classroom.