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Scents evoke powerful memories for each of us. Perhaps you remember the smell of baking cookies in your grandmother's kitchen, the scent of freshly cut grass at the beginning of the summer, or the fresh fragrance of your mother's perfume when she held you on her lap. Scents tie us to our past, to the people and places we treasure most, yet as time goes on, it can be tougher and tougher to find these discontinued fragrances we remember from years past.

Here at The Vermont Country Store, we aren't satisfied with only stocking the newest and trendiest perfumes; we pride ourselves on continuing the traditions of years past by providing women’s perfumes and hard-to-find fragrances that other stores fail to carry. Our women’s perfumes come from well-established brands who have spent years tweaking and perfecting their recipes, so that you can trust the quality and reliability of your fragrances.

Timeless fragrances for ageless beauties

A lovely fragrance puts the finishing touches on your beauty routine, and at the Vermont Country Store, we have a perfume for every woman. Our women’s perfumes range from light and fresh to floral and sweet to dark and alluring, so you can choose your mood and have a lovely fragrance to match. Our floral women’s perfumes include violet, lilac, lavender, rose, and more, many of which are imported from esteemed French perfumers.

In the market for something a bit different? Try a fresh lemony fragrance reminiscent of the playful styles from the 1970s. Or, give one of our woodsy women’s perfumes a try--their notes of spices and citrus will make a lovely accessory on an autumn day. Perhaps the soft, powdery scent of a baby powder-infused spray will pique your interest; no matter what the day brings, it'll surely keep you smelling clean and fresh!

No need to choose just one!

Can't make up your mind? Alongside our full-size women’s perfumes, The Vermont Country Store is happy to offer you several different fragrance sets. These sets give you the freedom to match your perfume to how you're feeling each day; some sets of women’s perfumes are available in a roller ball bottle, while others are specially formulated, so you can layer the scents and create your own custom fragrance. Even better, our fragrance sets make the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. It can be hard to know exactly what she'd like, so why not gift her a bit of everything?

While drugstores and department stores have an overwhelming selection of women’s perfumes, we stick to the principle of keeping it timeless and classic. With eau de toilettes, colognes, and perfumes, our stock of hard-to-find fragrances is unlike any other store. We believe each and every woman can find the perfume to perfectly match her personality right here at the Vermont Country Store.