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Sweet & Minty Original Teaberry Gum
  1. Sweet & Minty Original Teaberry Gum

Original Teaberry Gum, 20 Packs

Item #85054
It's Back! The Pink Stick Touted to Be the Most Refreshing Gum on the Planet

This super cool chewing gum has a unique flavor that's sweet and minty with a touch of wintergreen. It's a refreshing combination you won't find anywhere else! Each stick leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean. If you've never tried Teaberry gum, you're in for a real treat. If you're a fan from way back, once you pop a stick of this nostalgic gum in your mouth, you'll start doing the famous Teaberry Shuffle again!

  • Original flavor of sweet mint and a hint of wintergreen
  • Firm texture that softens with a few chews
  • 20 packs; 5 sticks per pack (100 sticks total)
  • We also offer Beemans, Clove, and Black Jack Gum (#79933), sold separately
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