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Dorchester Floral Lined Rod Pocket Regal Valance


Are your windows in need of an update? Consider adding beautiful window valances to enhance your home’s decor. These lovely window toppers are available in several different styles—from farmhouse country valances to glamorous valances made from rich materials that drape or ruffle, you're sure to find a valance that suits your home’s unique style.

Valances are a surefire way to amplify the look of your home’s decor. These window toppers look great on their own and when paired with matching curtain panels or tiers, all available at The Vermont Country Store. Shop our broad selection of window toppers and valances to add a new dimension to your windows and your home’s aesthetic.

What is a Window Valance?

Is a valance a curtain? We hear that question all the time. The short answer is “yes,” but not all curtains are valances. Let’s break it down. In a nutshell, a valance is the section of a curtain that drapes across the top of a window. When it comes to their function, valances are a simple way to dress up any window treatment. You can hang them alone or, more commonly, pair them with matching curtain panels. Think of a window valance as a beautiful hat that completes an outfit! Valances come in sheer materials to let sunlight shine through or durable blackout materials. The look you’d like to achieve is up to you!

Which Type of Valance Should You Choose?

When it comes to shopping for window valances at The Vermont Country Store, you won’t be short on options. While this is great, it can also make it difficult to decide on the right pattern, material, and style for your space. So, which type of valance should you choose? That’s going to depend on the options available for the particular curtain collection you’ve selected. To give you a sense of variety in the valances we carry, you’ll find:

  • Tailored valances
  • Scalloped valances
  • Sheer lace valances
  • Balloon valances (those are the puffy ones)
  • Swags
  • Tie-up valances

And conservatively, at least a dozen more styles, including our ever popular country valances, window treatments with a farmhouse flair. With all these options, you’ll be hanging up new valances that suit your style in no time! 

Measuring and Hanging a Window Valance

Perhaps you’re familiar with hanging curtain panels but have never enhanced your windows with a decorative valance before. While adding a window topper to your windows may sound intimidating, we’re here to let you know it’s easier than it seems. There are a few things you’ll want to take into consideration before purchasing valances, swags, and window toppers for your windows. First, you’ll want to measure your windows so the valances you hang have the proper fullness. Generally, you’ll want a curtain valance to measure one and one half to two times the width of your window so it can wrap around on each side. Some styles feature ruffles and pleats that you won’t want to stretch for styling purposes. 

Once you’ve measured, it’s happy curtain shopping! May you find the perfect pattern, color, fabric, and style of valance for your home!