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Wildflower Meadow Semi-Sheer Pinch Pleat Curtains With Back Tabs

When you’re looking for curtains for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or den, you know that each room requires a certain type of curtain depending on your décor and expected function of the curtains. Do you need a light-filtering sheer or a curtain that completely blocks light and softens outside noise? Is your décor traditional, modern, mid-century, classic, or contemporary? Do you like to mix styles, like adding Ball Fringe curtains (the kind with the pom-pom edging) to a room decorated in a modern seashore style? For the mixers and matchers in the crowd, we’ve created curtain collections, like our Toile, Checks, and Plaids, that hang beautifully on their own but are wonderfully coordinated with each other, as well.

Our Plaid Curtains, Moiré Plaid and Bentley Plaid, add casual elegance to your home. They’re available in soft neutrals and muted colors to lend a finished look to your décor. You’ll find 100% cotton curtains and curtains in a blend of cotton and polyester.
Bring the look of the French countryside to your home with our classic toile-print curtains. Toile fabric features bucolic scenes of life in rural France in the late 1700s and 1800s and lends timeless charm and beauty to your home. They’re dyed to match perfectly with our Classic Check Curtain Collection.
If you’re looking for soft, airy neutral curtains, then look no further than our Classic Ball Fringe, Jane’s Plain and Simple, and Wide and Narrow Ruffle Curtain Collections. They’re made of smooth cotton broadcloth, which hangs and drapes beautifully. The styles are simple and frame your windows with a fresh look that enhances any décor.
There’s nothing like the look of linen curtains. The soft texture and easy drape of linen curtains adds a level of soft sophistication and timeless elegance to your home. Our linen curtains are a blend of linen and viscose, which ensures the panels and valances hang nicely.

If you’re looking for sheer perfection, then look no further than our selection of sheer curtain panels, valances, and swags. They come in a variety of styles, including smooth panels, textured panels, and stiped panels. They all lend a soft look to your décor and gently filter the light while offering a level of privacy.
If you want your curtains to make a statement or really stand out as part of your home’s décor, then our floral curtains will fit the bill. They come is a variety of patterns, including our Aviary, Paisley Jacobean, Delphine, and Jacobean Floral Collections. Some patterns are inspired by vintage toile fabrics others have a regal quality about them that harkens back to the rich tapestries found throughout Europe. These are curtains that make a statement. Most a lined so they hang beautifully and include additional styles like tailored valances, pleated valances, and layered scalloped valances.

Light Control
Our insulated curtains offer 6 levels light and noise control.
Insulated Ticking Curtains
Light filtering and energy efficient without completely blocking out the light.
Insulated Linen
Double-lined to create a barrier against light, heat, and cold for superior insulating power.
Light diffusing panels offer privacy without completely blocking out the sunlight.
Room Darkening
Insulated with rayon backing to help keep the light out and create a buffer for cold and heat.
Three layers of specially woven fabric completely block out light and help dampen noise.
Supreme Blackout
Superior triple-weave stops heat, cold and light from penetrating through the fabric. Proven to be 99.95% effective!
Our timeless lace curtains are expertly woven to drape beautifully and lend a soft, elegant touch to any room. They’re available in a variety of delightful lace patterns, including florals, birds, and medallions. Our lace panels are woven lace, not punched lace, so they are soft and airy and hang beautifully in your home.