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Cooking with Wholegrains Cookbook
Cooking with Wholegrains Cookbook
  1. Cooking with Wholegrains Cookbook
  2. Cooking with Wholegrains Cookbook

Cooking with Wholegrains Cookbook

Item #58610
Mildred Orton's Cookbook Brings Back the Wholesome Goodness of Wholegrains

The 1940s were a time wrought with rationing, substitutions, protein stretching, and making do with less, but in 1947, Mildred Orton published Cooking with Wholegrains, bringing the joy of wholegrain cooking to the mix. Pages are thick with Orton's witty comments on the stretched-out shelf lives of processed flours, all the while arguing for making healthy ingredients at home in the postwar cook's kitchen. She takes the wholegrain approach to French brioche, offers up regional classics such as Southern Johnnycake and Vermont Indian Pudding, and includes a recipe for Cornmeal Gingerbread, bringing even more comfort and joy to the holiday table. Reprinted numerous times, this remains one of America's most well-loved wholegrain cookbooks, still offering warm, welcoming, and wholesome cooking to readers today.

  • Written by The Vermont Country Store co-founder, Mildred Ellen Orton, in 1947
  • All recipes use only wholegrains—no refined flour
  • Full of delicious recipes for baking your own bread, rolls, cakes, scones, crackers, muffins, and dessert using only stone-ground wholegrains
  • 72 pages; softcover
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