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Classic Candy

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Some things truly are timeless: a well-fitting pair of jeans, a classic car, or the taste of a classic candy fresh from the candy counter. For many of us, the retro sweets we savored in our younger years became wonderful memories to look back on. They're a taste of nostalgia, bringing back feelings of growing up in a simpler time. If you're pining for just one more taste of those retro sweets, then never fear, because The Vermont Country Store is here to reunite you with that beloved classic candy of your childhood.

Chocolates and Bars Galore

Do you have a hankering for that rich, creamy, and indulgent flavor of quality chocolates? Whether you like your chocolates accented with sticky caramel, filled with gooey marshmallow fluff, packed with peanuts, or flavored with peppermint goodness, we've surely got a classic candy for you to enjoy. And there are even a couple new iterations of classic candy: if you're an adventurous eater, then our bacon and potato chip bar might be the perfect treat for you.

Chewy, Gooey, and Gummy

But when it comes to classic candy, there's more out there than just chocolates. If you prefer your retro sweets on the chewier side, check out our selection of wrapped toffees and toffee bars in delightful flavors like vanilla, banana, and strawberry. Marzipan candies make a beautiful gift: they're decorated to look exactly like miniature fruits, but have that creamy almond flavor you crave, and come packaged in a gift box. Jelly nougats will give you that irresistible chewy texture with fruity bits wrapped in a creamy nougat. And gumdrops, that quintessential classic candy, are available right here all year round.

Hard Candy and Retro Sweets

Remember swiping a couple hard candies every time you passed your mother's candy dish, and being admonished about spoiling your dinner? Well, with classic candy from The Vermont Country Store, we invite you to go right ahead and indulge in some delicious confections. Our classic candy selection includes scrumptious sweets like filled fruit-flavored bonbons and peppermint sticks, and it has never been easier to browse the candy aisle and have treats delivered straight to your door.

Just the Classics

Remember Boston Baked Beans, Goo Goo Clusters, Chuckles, and root beer barrels? How about sour balls, Ice Cubes, puff candy, and bulls-eyes? This classic candy can't be found in just any grocery store. With our specially curated selection of retro sweets, there's a vintage delight for everyone to enjoy, reminisce about the good old days, and create new memories together.