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Vintage School Days Valentine's Day Cards


Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are the simplest. You don’t have to spend a fortune or plan for months in advance to deliver something from the heart. At The Vermont Country Store, we carry Valentine’s Day Cards that can help you express your love this February. Think back: have you ever received such a thoughtful and heartfelt letter that it stops you in your tracks? Let our romantic cards be the blank slate, the empty canvas, for your meaningful words on Valentine’s Day. 

Hand Out Classic Valentines from Back in the Day

Do you remember collecting adorable little Valentine’s cards from your school days? You know, the ones with a cute picture and a silly message to go along. It was delightfully fun to hand out these cards to everyone in your class and to receive them as well. At The Vermont Country Store, we look back on these days fondly and wanted to give you a way to relive the magic. In our selection of Valentine’s Day Cards, we carry vintage Valentines with the retro designs you may remember and love. Our Valentines are especially reminiscent because they are reproductions of Valentine’s Day card designs from the 1950s and 60s. Order a set of these heartfelt cards and pick out the perfect one to deliver to your friends and family members. Their vivid illustrations and pun-filled messages are sure to make others smile. 

Valentine’s Day Cards Make a Meaningful Gift

One of our Valentine’s Day cards on its own makes a romantic gift, especially when it’s filled with genuine words to express love. A heartfelt message will always be appreciated and cherished, especially in a time when handwritten notes are more difficult to come by. If you’d like to give another gift as well, consider pairing one of our vintage cards along with something else in our Valentine’s Day collection. A card paired with one of our romantic gifts is the cherry on top of a wonderful gift to share with your loved one. For Valentine’s Day card ideas, look no further than the Vermont Country Store.