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Original Tangee Lipstick
Tangee Volumizing Semi-Permanent Brow Filler, In 3 Shades


This Valentine’s Day, treat your special someone to incredible fragrances and beauty products from The Vermont Country Store. In our collection, you’ll find tried-and-true scents and classic makeup items hard to find anywhere else. In this collection of Beauty Gifts, we’ve gathered our favorite items to make shopping simple. Choose from fragrances and cosmetics that best represent the romantic day.

Shop Our Valentine’s Day Fragrances

At The Vermont Country Store, we sell a variety of romantic fragrances perfect for giving on Valentine’s Day. Not only do these scents span a wide range, but so do the intensities of each one. Do you know the difference between Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, and Eau de Cologne? We’ll explain below, so you can be sure to buy the right fragrance for your special someone.

Choosing the Right Fragrance as a Romantic Gift

You may not have realized this, but each “Eau de…” is associated with a different concentration of fragrance. This has to do with the percentage of essential oils to other added ingredients such as alcohol and affects how long a fragrance will last when worn. In our Beauty Gifts, you’ll find 4 different levels of scent.

Perfume (or Parfum) - The most concentrated scent that will linger for up to 8 hours. A small amount will go a long way.

Eau de Parfum - The next level down with a lesser percentage of fragrant oils. As with the above, use sparingly.

Eau de Toilette - Ideal for those who prefer a lighter scent, this is often a go-to for everyday use.

Eau de Cologne - This is the lightest fragrance of the above and can be used more liberally. There are certain scents, typically citrus, associated with this type, which originated in Cologne, Germany (hence its name).

Give Cosmetics From a Beloved Brand

In our Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts, you’ll find classic makeup from favorites such as Tangee, a brand known for its color-changing lipstick. Here, you’ll find their most popular product along with their blush, mascara, and liquid eyeliner, exclusive to The Vermont Country Store. Beauty products from this trusted line will make a wonderful gift for any Valentine.

In addition to Tangee, we have fun cosmetics such as Mood Lipstick. These quirky lip colors come in almost every shade of the rainbow and have 12-hour wear. Each wild color, such as a vibrant green, transforms based on your body’s unique chemistry to a coral or pink color. Another unique product you can find in our Valentine’s Day Beauty Gifts is cake mascara by Besame. This retro cosmetic was the predecessor of liquid mascara. It comes packaged in an adorable tin with a special brush for application. This product is smudge-proof and easy to layer for achieving as bold a look as the wearer prefers.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of romantic gifts for her in our selection of Valentine’s Day beauty products. Whether you decide on a sweet fragrance or ultra-moisturizing body butter, count on us when looking for a gift that's idyllic and special.