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Women's Seersucker Sleepwear

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Notch Neck Lightweight Cotton Seersucker Nightgown


At The Vermont Country Store, we know that our hectic lives can wear us down. After a long day, few things compare to going home and getting a full night of well earned sleep. Besides brushing your teeth and washing up, every woman’s bedtime ritual includes getting into comfy sleepwear.

In the warmer months, comfort can be found in seersucker pajamas and nightgowns from The Vermont Country Store. Wearing pajamas that are too heavy and warm will leave you tossing and turning for hours on end; we all know if you're too warm, sleep is difficult. For cooler, lightweight women’s sleep apparel, take a look at our selection of women’s seersucker sleepwear. Our assortment of seersucker pajamas and gowns are light on fabric and heavy on sleep.

Sleep well again with seersucker pajamas and gowns

Getting a full night’s sleep can be tough. Whether it’s the daily stress of life, too much caffeine, or making endless to-do lists in our heads, there are a number of reasons why you might spend your nights staring at the ceiling.

It might also be that you’re not wearing the right sleepwear. When you go to bed with sleepwear that’s too warm or uncomfortable, it can prevent you getting some much needed shut-eye. That’s why we searched endlessly to find seersucker sleepwear with perfect little details, so you can enjoy a restful night of sleep at the perfect temperature. Our seersucker styles are scrunched and cut to promote airflow, and embroidered with cotton that lifts off your body. At The Vermont Country Store, we sweat the little things in our women’s sleep apparel so you can stay dry.

Seersucker’s not just for the summer

Most of us associate seersucker with the warmer summer months. And while it is a wise option when it’s sweltering outside, we want you to enjoy the comfort a little longer than that. These high-quality 100% cotton pieces will serve you well into the cold months. Wear them to bed on nights when the heat is up high during the winter so you can still snuggle under your favorite covers without overheating. You’ll admire these light, feminine pieces before you go to bed in the summer and long after the season’s over. When you need an extra layer in the morning after you rise, consider a women’s seersucker robe, available in petite, regular, and plus size options.

Let us lull you to sleep in style

Seersucker pjs don’t have to be plain and boring. Many brands don’t add little touches to make theirs stand out. At The Vermont Country Store, we’ve meticulously embellished our seersucker pajamas with various patterns, ruffles, and trims that will have you falling asleep in no time. With various sleeve lengths, pockets, and details, you’ll feel like a princess when you’re donning our women’s seersucker sleepwear. From button front styles to cute pajama sets, machine washable seersucker women's sleepwear from The Vermont Country Store is the perfect fit.