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Portuguese Flannel

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Portuguese Flannel, Exceptional Warmth, Loft And Triple-brushed Plushness

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Women's Portuguese Cotton Flannel Nightshirt
Portuguese Flannel, Exceptional Warmth, Loft And Triple-brushed Plushness


As the temperature outside starts to lower and the days become shorter, you know that fall is right around the corner. Some people begin hibernating in their homes, waiting for the holiday season to pass and the sun to break through and bring summer back. For others, the beginning of fall is one of the best times of the year. While fall has quite a few standard items associated with it, flannel seems to be one of the most popular pieces of apparel during this time. How does something so soft and lightweight keep you so warm? The Vermont Country Store has a few pieces of information about this incredible material as well as a vast collection of Portuguese flannel clothing for men and women and flannel bedding to keep you toasty warm.

Fun Fall Facts About Portuguese Flannel Clothing

Now, you may be thinking, “what facts about flannel are fun?” The truth of the matter is, this soft cotton material has quite an interesting history. From its humble Welsh beginnings to its transformation into a cologne scent, flannel has been around for a long time and has a story or two to share. Here are a few different fun facts about the history of flannel and how it has made its way across different countries and cultures.

● The Welsh created flannel material to replace plain wool clothing.

● During the early 19th century, it was used by most railroad workers and was part of the uniform for soldiers.

● Gray flannel suits were the most popular suits worn by men in the 1950s. There was even a book written about this!

● In 1975, Geoffery Beene created a cologne with the scent of “Grey Flannel.”

Using Flannel for Every Occasion

Nowadays, most people think of plaid patterned shirts when they hear the word flannel. However, the material is used for much more than plaid clothing. Since its introduction to the United States, it’s been used to keep Americans safe and warm in every situation. This can be seen from our flannel sheet sets and double-flannel blankets in a variety of plaid patterns and fun prints. Flannel’s widespread use is not specific to the U.S. The warm and rugged fabric can be found across the globe. In fact, we source ours from Northern Portugal, home to some of the finest manufacturers in the world. Portuguese Flannel items we carry at The Vermont Country Store include:

● pajamas

● bed sheets

● nightgowns

● robes

● And more!

With so many uses, it’s no surprise that flannel has become such a beloved material. It’s popularity and unbelievable warming power is just more proof that it’s become a symbol of the season. The Vermont Country Store wants to make sure you stay toasty and comfortable during the fall—and look good doing it! Be sure to shop our large collection of triple-brushed Portuguese flannel clothing, bed sheets, flannel pajamas, and nightgowns!