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Oilcloth Tablecloths

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Heavy-Duty Solid Oilcloth Tablecloth
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...And for good reason, too! Oil cloth tablecloths are so named due to the original method of manufacture, which involved coating a length of close-woven cloth, usually cotton or linen, with boiling linseed oil. The oil cured, and transformed the cotton into a weatherproof, waterproof, and flexible material that was much cheaper than leather. As plastics grew in popularity and prevalence, though, traditional oilcloth tablecloths were all but replaced--their linseed oil coating was prone to cracking and peeling over the years, while plastics, though flimsy and unsightly, did not.

But now, we're returning to our roots. Though traditional oilcloth tablecloths fell out of vogue due to cracking and staining, our laminated cotton table covers are specifically made to last through years of use. Just like in centuries past, the process of creating our laminated cotton table covers starts with real cotton or polyester fabric. Rather than applying oils, we cover the material with a thin coating of an ultra-strong PVC vinyl finish, for a final result that drapes like a cloth but wipes clean like a plastic. Now you can once more enjoy the substantial feel, water-resistant properties, and long-lasting finish of traditional oilcloth tablecloths, with none of the mess or wear.

Upgrade Your Kitchen or Dining Room with Oilcloth Tablecloths

With hardy oilcloth tablecloths from The Vermont Country Store, you'll no longer have to worry about the kids spilling their milk or splattering the table, or fear knocking over a wine glass in case it stains. Not only do our oilcloth tablecloths come in five different sizes so you can find the perfect fit, they also are available in three different shapes: oblong, round, and rectangular. That's not to mention the over a dozen patterns we stock, featuring everything from classic florals to bold red checks, and tropical citrus fruits to festive holiday prints. With so much variety, you'll want to get a tablecloth for every season of the year.