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Crafted With Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship

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Original Tangee Lipstick
Crafted With Unmatched Quality and Craftsmanship


One great way to shop is by supporting the local economy. At The Vermont Country Store, we take pride in offering products made in the USA. We know that quality items don’t have to come from across the globe. Sometimes, the things we use every day are from right next door. With that in mind, we’ve assembled all of our American-made products for you. Whether you’re trying to support the local economy by shopping local, or are curious about the amazing things we sell from America, take a look around our selection of USA-made items that span about every product category.

Gifts for Every Occasion, Made in America

If you’re looking to shop for a gift in honor of a special occasion, why not keep things close to home. Nowadays, the things you see on store shelves are produced all over the world. In our selection of products, all made in the USA, you can rest assured that our items are crafted with care and quality in mind.

Our American-made gifts cover a wide range of items. From delicious foods that taste homemade to home decor and accessories, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in our products supporting the local economy. Our American-made section is also great when you need gift inspiration since it includes such an eclectic mix of items.

Support the Local Economy With Your Fashion Choices

In our selection of items made in the USA, you’ll find quality American-made clothing. In a time of fast fashion and never ending trends, shop our selection of clothing items all made in the USA. You can rest assured that the clothing you’ll find here is constructed with care and high-quality materials. Nowadays, many pieces of clothing fall apart quickly, but you won’t have to worry about that with favorite pieces from The Vermont Country Store. Created with timelessness in mind, our clothing will be in style season after season. Shop American-made clothing brands for both men and women in our selection of items. Whether you’re looking to be more ethical with your fashion choices, or happen to love the things featured in our made in the USA category, happy shopping!

From Soaps to Makeup, Shop USA-Made Personal Care Items

Within our selection, you can find many personal care products made in the United States. It's surprising how many are produced so close to home. From bar soaps to makeup, fragrances, and shampoos, we have the items you use daily. Take a look around and see if you find any of your favorites. We may even carry something you remember from way back in the day. We’ve taken favorite hard-to-find brands from the past, and have begun producing them in the United States, exclusively for our store.

Whenever possible, we offer products made in America. At The Vermont Country Store, we've stocked our shelves with hundreds of your favorite items made in our country. A few products come from friends in Vermont! Our American-made products feature quality craftsmanship, and they also support local economies, which is a neighborly thing to do.