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Lemon Up Collection

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Lemon Up. Discover our collection of refreshing soap, dusting powder, the iconic shampoo and more!

Lemon Up. Discover our collection of refreshing soap, dusting powder, the iconic shampoo and more!


Your favorite citrus shampoo, conditioner, and other tantalizing lemony products are back and better than ever! You may recall this groovy Lemon Up shampoo from the 1970s, and if you were a fan, you may also recall its disappearance from shelves. Not to worry, though. We loved this throwback shampoo so much, we decided to bring it back along with a number of other personal care products inspired by the original shampoo. So, if you love this great product featuring real lemon juice as an ingredient, take a look around at our exclusive Lemon Up products.

The Original Hair Care With a Citrus Boost

Lemon Up shampoo and conditioner are the products that started it all. The shampoo is formulated with ingredients that add shine to dry and normal hair types while helping to control oil. Your hair will look and feel cleaner for longer. The creamy conditioner helps hydrate, leaving hair more manageable and easier to comb and style. You'll feel squeaky clean after using these irresistible hair care formulas.

Lemon Up After Bath Dusting Powder

Your daily routine might not include a gentle dusting of our Lemon Up Talc-Free Dusting Powder, but it should. After a bath or shower, simply dust on this powder to leave your skin feeling refreshed, fragrant, and soft. Made with a skin-loving formula, our lemon-scented body powder absorbs perspiration all day long. All-natural ingredients, including shea butter and kaolin clay, will have you feeling smooth and smelling fresh.

Applying this fragrant and reinvigorating dusting powder couldn’t be easier. Fluffy and soft, our plush powder puffs make putting on this after bath powder a luxurious experience. You should never apply dusting powder with a worn-out powder puff. Have the perfect tool on hand to use the delightful body powder from our Lemon Up collection.

Citrus Hand and Body Soaps

Our Lemon Up Soap Trio will bring the delicious scent of lemon to other parts of your daily routine. This coconut oil-based, lemon-scented soap naturally moisturizes. Additionally, it's triple-milled, so you know it's formulated to last. And we can't forget to mention, these delightful soaps are shaped like lemons, each with a flat bottom so they'll stay put in your soap dish.

A Refreshing Fragrance Inspired by Our Favorite Shampoo

While it may be unconventional to create a fragrance inspired by the scent of a popular shampoo, we couldn't resist the idea when we remembered how invigorating the original Lemon Up was. Our Lemon Up Eau De Toilette captures the clean, fresh lemon scent you love. Round out your collection of these citrusy products with our fragrant perfume. The Lemon Up Eau De Toilette comes in a 1.7 oz. spray bottle and makes for a fantastic everyday scent that's never overpowering.

Where to Buy Lemon Up Shampoo and Conditioner?

Be sure to shop Lemon Up shampoo, conditioner, and other Lemon Up personal care products, only available at The Vermont Country Store.