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You will love our carefree denim for every day wear

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Denim Pintuck Jumper
You will love our carefree denim for every day wear


Are you a fan of denim? At The Vermont Country Store, we can’t sing our praises about the material enough. There’s something simply amazing about the perfect pair of jeans or the soft worn-in comfort of a chambray shirt. Denim's versatility allows it to be dressed up or down and used for making pants, shirts, dresses, jumpers, overalls, and more. You’ll find that our denim pieces are always classic and timeless. Add to your wardrobe with these fashionable denim pieces from The Vermont Country Store.

Incredibly Comfortable Cotton Denim Pants

When most people think of denim pants, they think jeans. Although jeans are classic, with their multitude of washes that pair well with just about anything, some argue that they’re simply too restricting, stiff, and uncomfortable to be an everyday wardrobe staple. The thing is, though, that denim pants do not always equal your typical pair of jeans. At The Vermont Country Store, our selection of cotton denim pants allows you to incorporate this material into your attire without feeling like it’s too stiff for all-day wear. Many of the pant styles we carry are lightweight and flowy, allowing you to feel comfortable throughout the day while wearing this adaptable fabric.

Denim Dresses and Skirts for a Classic Look

At The Vermont Country Store, we carry several denim dresses and denim skirts to enhance your everyday wardrobe. Since this casual material goes with almost anything, the possibilities of pairing our feminine denim pieces with other articles of clothing are endless. From sneakers to sandals, scarves, sweaters, and jackets, you’ll be able to create so many different looks with a timeless denim skirt or dress. Our dresses come in several styles. Choose from denim dresses featuring pretty embroidered floral designs, full button fronts, and different lengths to suit your preference. No matter how you choose to wear and style one of our denim dresses or skirts, we’re sure you’ll be feeling confident and comfortable all day long.

We Carry Denim for All Seasons

One amazing thing about denim is that it’s a material for all seasons. Here, you can find lightweight options as well as those made for keeping you warm throughout the fall and winter. From a fleece-lined men’s denim shirt to a weekend coat with a comfy corduroy collar, or a women’s denim barn coat, you’ll keep the chill at bay while always staying in fashion.

Denim: The Neutral Your Closet Needs

As you know, denim can be dressed up and dressed down. It’s versatile in so many ways, and it’s the durable neutral every closet needs. In our selection of denim, you’ll find all sorts of pieces for men and women, for every season! From denim jumpers to tailored jeans, we invite you to celebrate this amazing material by shopping at The Vermont Country Store and adding a few denim staples to your wardrobe.