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Self-care is an old concept and new buzzword. It certainly makes good sense to keep yourself healthy and looking your best, and self-care is surely an important part of a healthy lifestyle. We're lucky enough to have more advanced personal hygiene products than ever before. The Vermont Country Store's personal health items and other health and wellness products will help you catch life’s most precious moments. From natural supplements and personal hygiene products that cleanse your body to personal health items that relax your mind, we invite you to treat yourself to the ultimate in self care.

Personal hygiene products that restore you from within

Our personal hygiene products will soothe, cleanse, and restore you from head to toe with care that goes deep. Whether you’re longing to relax your feet in our tea tree foot soak, sanitize your hands with our Orange Blossom hand sanitizer, or treat yourself to our gentle Loofah Bar Soap, our personal hygiene products will leave you squeaky clean.

You can say goodbye to bacteria too, when you say hello to our finger and toenail fungus treatments. Our heavy-duty health and wellness products will penetrate into the deepest layers of your body to cleanse and refresh from within. The second you reward yourself to our personal health items and personal hygiene products, you’ll restore your body to its original freshness.

Nurse your health with our natural supplements

Personal care starts when you nurture not just what’s on the outside, but also what’s on the inside. It’s this guiding principle that runs through our selection of personal health items and herbal supplements at The Vermont Country Store. Our selection is stocked with natural supplements that will support joint movement, sore muscles, and blurred vision.

And what about ridding your body of toxins? We scoured the forests for goji berries, bilberries, and other natural ingredients so you can enjoy doing the things you love without worrying about what’s in the recipe of these natural supplements.

Soothe your body, mind, and soul with our health and wellness products

Philosophers have argued that our minds and bodies are more connected than we think. With our hectic modern lives, any wear and tear on our bodies is reflected in our minds. So take a little respite from the stress with some health and wellness products, not just to bring your physical health up to speed, but also to maintain your mental health. The Vermont Country Store champions a holistic approach to self-care, so you can get back to doing the things you love the most.

Snag one of our feet cushions, nail clippers and ingrown toenail lifters when you’re tired of sitting out from your favorite activities. And of course, no cabinet is complete without cotton swabs, hand creams, and eye creams that will relax and replenish you back to health.

After all, sometimes the thought of taking on a new day can seem like a mental challenge, simply because our bodies may not be up to task. With The Vermont Country Store’s personal health items, you don’t have to miss out on another day.