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When you’re feeling under the weather or simply want to maintain your health, taking a natural path to health has many surprising benefits. Homeopathic remedies are not only safe, they’re part of long-standing tradition that’s ideal for people in all stages of life. In a world that’s riddled with harmful toxins and questionable chemicals, take the natural route with The Vermont Country Store’s homeopathic products. We’ve blended a medley of natural ingredients to create only the finest of natural remedies and herbal concentrates. From balms and salves to syrups and healing tonics, our homeopathic products are the dosage of health you’ve been looking for.

Heal your mind, body, and soul with healing tonics

Besides restoring various systems in your body, healing tonics protect your general health and well-being. Many of our natural remedies and herbal concentrates contain powerful extracts, well-known antioxidants and invigorating spices known to maintain your blood sugar levels, aid your metabolism, reduce stress levels, and support your overall strength and vigor.

These aren’t the only healing tonics we have brewing in our stock of natural remedies and herbal concentrates. Whether you’re looking to relieve inflammation, safeguard your eye and joint health, or keep respiratory problems at bay, our homeopathic products are replete with natural compounds that have been celebrated for centuries for their healing powers.

Relax around the house with wearable remedies

As Vermont natives, we’re all too familiar with aches, sore muscles, and colds during the winter. When it comes to curing these common ailments, natural remedies and herbal concentrates go a long way, but so do quality wearables. To alleviate stubborn neck pain and irritating shoulder aches, treat yourself to our generously sized flannel therapy scarves or our calming hot/cold neck wraps. If you’re in need of comfortable hands-free relief that’ll ease those hard-to-reach spots, you can also wrap up in our U-shaped hot water bottle.

If you’re already a fan of our traditional hot water bottles and the wonders they work on a tummy ache and their magic touch when it comes to relieving pain, we guarantee you’ll love the thick, cozy sheepskin covers that go with them. Designed with genuine New Zealand wool fleece, these covers will insulate hot water bottles so they stay warmer, longer. Plus, when you’re drifting off to sleep, they make for the perfect snuggle buddy.

Indulge in creams, salves, and other homeopathic products to bring your skin back to health

At The Vermont Country Store, our homeopathic products are as natural as they are versatile. Spoil your skin with aloe vera, lavender and more of Mother Nature’s miracle workers to attack varicose veins, banish toe fungus, and soothe achy muscles. Our refreshing soaks, soothing salves, and concentrated creams provide trusted relief that’s effective and lasting. Simply peruse our selection of natural remedies and herbal concentrates to start treating your skin to the best.