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Silicone Toe Protection Sleeves, Set of 2
Sleep Aid Light Blocking Eye Mask, In Black


While most people treat personal care as a tedious chore, it can be well worth the effort when you have access to beauty products and health items you love. If you’ve grown tired of your grooming routine, perhaps what you need are new personal care products. At The Vermont Country Store, we’ve stocked our shelves full with new arrivals featuring the same healing powers you’ve come to trust in our usual selection of health items. Replace old, dusty beauty products with new anti-aging creams and refreshing supplements. Whether you prefer luxurious colognes or a relaxing CBD spray, our new beauty and personal care products offer you the tried and true care you've come to expect from The Vermont Country Store.

Say goodbye to sore muscles when you say hello to CBD

Whenever we have new health items on the way, we want you to be the first to know.

For those of you who suffer from achy muscles, our CBD products will work wonders to alleviate your symptoms. Studies have shown that CBD, the non-psychoactive cannabinoid oil found in hemp, offers an abundance of medicinal benefits, including temporary pain relief.

Soak tired, achy feet in our CBD foot and body soak for relief that’s both warm and refreshing. Reward sore joints with our Magsoothium CBD spray or skin relief cream, for pain relief that’s formulated for any skin type. Simply spray or slather on these new skin care products to start unwinding.

If you’re living with chronic pain, or you simply overdid it at the gym, you owe it to yourself to try these revolutionary new health items.

Take a swig back to health with our natural health items

When it comes to living a healthy and happy life, we can’t recommend our natural health items and dietary supplements enough. From turmeric tonics and elderberry concentrates to antioxidant formulas and homeopathic tablets, our customers turn to these new personal care products time and again.

Sip your way back to health with a tablespoon or two of our apple cider vinegar tonic. Known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, one dash of this potent tonic will warm your soul and help you feel your very best. Whether you’re looking to support your immune system or soothe aches and tensions, our new personal care products and supplements will reward you with strength and tranquility.

While our natural remedies taste and go down great, they’re prone to cause some spillage. At The Vermont Country Store, we didn’t want you to fumble around and ruin your countertops—that’s why we have our own mini-measure shot glass, so you can savor those health items without the mess.

Brand new beauty products will groom you back to freshness

While most men look after themselves using cheap beauty products and grooming tools, men who go the extra mile in their grooming routine don’t go unnoticed. At The Vermont Country Store, our beauty products will help rejuvenate a man to look and feel his handsome best, with shaving creams and colognes that are just as powerful as your most potent anti-aging cream.

Just a splash on our vintage No. 4711 cologne will dazzle men and women alike with an intriguing aroma of citrus, rosemary, and other secret scents. Specially packaged in a vintage tin, it also makes for an ideal gift. And what better way to elevate a shaving and skin care routine than with premium shaving creams and aftershave? Our award-winning Heath shaving cream and grooming kit works on any skin type and has men everywhere raving. Even Prince Charles of England considers Heath as his favorite shaving brand, so when a man slathers on these unique beauty products, his face will glow with majestic flawlessness.

When your personal care routine starts to wear you down, sometimes new personal care products will give it that needed boost.