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Original Formula Lotil Hand Cream, In 2 Sizes
Barielle Protect Plus Color Nail Strengthener


They say it’s the little things in life that matter. Dinner cooked by a loved one, a night in with your grandkids in front of the fireplace. These are the moments that matter most to you, the memories you hold closest. But as much as you may cherish the little things, there’s one little thing in life that often goes unnoticed and neglected.

The hands we use to hold our children and hug our friends, the hands we use to rake the crunchy, fall leaves off our driveway are often overworked and underappreciated. That’s why at The Vermont Country Store, we’ve stocked our shelves with a line of premium nail care products and hand treatments to help your precious hands stay soft and healthy. With sturdy files, rich creams, and reliable hand treatments that mean business, your hands will stay looking nail salon-fresh, so you can focus on all the other little things in your life.

Wondering how to get strong, healthy nails?

Start with sturdy nail care products. Our nails are like miracle workers—despite all the wear and tear of our lives, they grow back no matter what. We can’t blame these resilient little creatures for being prone to a little chipping, breaking, or thinning, but we can nourish them back to health with exceptional manicure products. You can rejuvenate weak nails with our first-rate formula nail strengthener, revitalize nail beds with our nail buffing cream, and restore bacteria-infected nails with our finger and toenail fungus treatment. These strengthening nail care products will build your nails back up from within, leaving them clean and trim to handle a new day.

Caring for your nails has never been easier with products from The Vermont Country Store. Cut your nails with our ergonomic fingernail clippers, and take the time to smooth out rough edges using our diamond or glass nail files. Keep them clean using our nail brush made with natural plant fibers and your favorite moisturizing soaps, and apply protective nail polish in subtle shades to perfect your very own at home manicure.

Want to get soft, youthful looking hands?

Use hand treatments with natural ingredients. With all that your hands go through, you deserve to indulge in the right hand creams and hand treatments. Just read the label of any ordinary lotion to see what chemicals and substances they’re teeming with. Luckily, that’s not what you’ll read in our list of ingredients at The Vermont Country Store.

Our nail care products and hand treatments are sourced with natural ingredients you'll love that could help reduce the signs of aging, fine lines, and even sun damage. A gentle vegetable base makes up our exfoliating soap. You’ll want to use it after long hours spent outside to scrub away any dirt, dry skin, and dead skin cells. Afterwards, dip into our beeswax hand cream, sourced straight from the hive, to tackle any dryness. Spoil yourself to our rich, extravagant hand treatments and nail care products for hands that glow with youthfulness and moisture.