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Cough & Cold

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A simple cold can sap your energy, leave you in bed for days on end, and force you to miss out on events and obligations. Sometimes, you simply can't wait four or five days for your cold to go away. And with natural cough syrup and cough and cold remedies from The Vermont Country Store, you won't have to! These reliable natural remedies come from nature to deliver rapid cold-fighting power and get you back to feeling good as soon as possible.

Natural Cough Syrup, Throat Lozenges and More

A nasty cough is unpleasant at best, and excruciatingly painful at worst. Soothe your cough and sore throat with our natural cough syrup, horehound drops, and other safe and reliable treatments. These cough and cold remedies (in the form of tasty candies) deliver speedy relief, thanks to ingredients straight from nature. Honey, cherry, sunflower oil, elderberries, licorice root, horehound, and mint all contribute to these little sore throat-fighting drops, all while giving them a delicious flavor. There's even a sage-flavored drop featuring ingredients which were used to treat bronchitis and colds all the way back to the Middle Ages, and are still the number one selling lozenge in Germany today. With centuries of history backing them up, you can be sure that these drops will bring you the sweet relief you need.

Chest Rubs and Ointments

Remember being a little kid, sick in bed with a cold, and your mother slathering camphor oil on your chest? Those old fashioned cough and cold remedies are still popular today, thanks to their stimulating oil blends which aid in breaking up chest congestion and bringing cool relief to sore throats. With natural active ingredients like camphor, eucalyptus, soybean oil, mustard seed, and beeswax, you can trust in these safe and effective cough and cold remedies that harken back to past generations.

Preventive Cough and Cold Remedies

What's the best way to get over a cold? Never get one in the first place! These aren't cough and cold remedies so much as they are cough and cold prevention--dietary supplements, essential oils, and lung cleanses designed to help improve respiratory function and immune health. The antiviral properties of our oregano oil, for example, helps your body fight off colds and other nasty viruses. This fall and winter, you and your family can rest easy knowing you have a first line of defense against colds.