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Portable Ladder Ball Game Set In Yar Setting
Original Pogo Bal Outdoor Game


Embark on a journey of exploration with The Vermont Country Store's newest additions. We offer an enticing range of New Toys and Books designed to bring joy and excitement into your family's everyday moments. Dive into our thoughtfully selected collection, designed to ignite creativity and leave a lasting impression on your little ones.

Captivating Reads for Young Minds

Open the door to imagination with our collection of children's books. These captivating stories transport young minds to realms of adventure, wisdom, and delightful escapades. Perfect for snug moments at home, our books create cherished bonding experiences between parents and children. From whimsical tales to heartwarming narratives, these releases offer a gateway to enchantment. Gift your children the joy of storytelling with our captivating array of new arrivals.

Our selection includes modern classics that resonate with timeless themes. Whether exploring tales of friendship, courage, or discovery, our new children's books promise to be companions in creating memories that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Inspire Creative Playtime with New Toys

Transform playtime into a world of delight with our latest array of toys. This enchanting collection brings warmth and happiness to your home. Whether it's a lovable teddy bear or reviving classic toys with the next generation, you’ll find something for everyone.

As your little ones immerse themselves in imaginative play, they're not just enjoying themselves; they're crafting enchanting memories that echo the essence of creativity. Our new toys are more than just playthings; they're vessels of everyday joy, sparking creativity and forging connections in the magical realm of childhood.

Immerse in the World of Play

Gather around, get cozy, and let the wonders of playtime unfold. At The Vermont Country Store, we're committed to providing you with a captivating array of new toys and books that transcend ordinary moments. Explore our collection today and witness the joy of discovery through the eyes of your children.