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Men's Wayfarer Sunglasses Polarized Black

Men’s Accessories

There are certain accessories that every guy needs: a good leather belt, a sturdy leather wallet, a reliable watch, and a few handkerchiefs, too! These everyday essentials not only need to be functional but they should also to be a little stylish too. There’s something wonderful about a well-designed necessity that also happens to be a joy to behold. Our accessory assortment includes a selection of practical men’s accessories that are made from quality materials, smartly styled, and are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. It's these qualities that set our accessories apart from those found in big-box stores.

We also offer year-round outerwear essentials, including winter hats, gloves, mittens and scarves, as well as hats for warm, sunny weather. Whether you’re headed outdoors for a round of golf or to rake leaves or shovel a few inches of snow, we’ve got you covered. From Irish wool caps, cotton canvas Campobello sun hats and knit scarves, to deerskin leather mittens and gloves and gloves lined with Thinsulate or fleece, you’ll find what you need here at The Vermont Country Store.

If you’re looking to be a little more organized, you’ll want to take a look at our bi-fold wallets, coin purses, and front pocket wallets. We even have a wallet that has a built-in pocket knife.  In soft yet durable deerskin and traditional leather, these top-notch wallets offer plenty of room for cash, credit cards, IDs, and more.

Do you have the time?

Watches are coming back, and truth be told, they never really went out of style for us! We like the convenience of telling time with the flick of a wrist. You won’t find flashy timepieces here. Just reliable watches ion timeless styles that keep time accurately. Look for gold-tone and silver-tone watch faces and leather and metal-twist bands. We also offer a few Peanuts watches for Charlie Brown fans.

Achoo! Back in the day, a true gentleman would always have a cloth handkerchief tucked in a pocket. Today, 100% cotton handkerchiefs are back in style. They’re eco-friendly and sign of more civil times. However, they’re not easy to find, expect for here at The Vermont Country Store. Ours come in bonus dozen (13) and half dozen (7) packs and are always soft, 100% cotton.

Finally, and for some, most importantly, we offer a few tried-and-true options for keeping your pants up. If you’re constantly “hitchin’ your britches” then we have a few solutions for you.  A fine leather belt is a must have in any gentleman’s wardrobe. It not only helps to keep your pants where they belong but it lends a finished, polished look to any outfit. We also offer the best variety of clip-on suspenders around. We have regular and tall sizes and an assortment of 8 colors, including red, which we have on good authority are Santa’s favorite.