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While it’s important to keep every room clean, one that requires special attention is your home's kitchen. It’s where you prepare the food you and your family eat, after all. To help keep your kitchen in tip-top shape, we’ve gathered our favorite kitchen cleaning products all in one place.

Here, we have everything from dish cleaning solutions to the cleaning powders and polishes we’ve relied on for years. Be sure to stock up on everything you need to keep your kitchen spotless!

Classic Kitchen Cleaners From The Past

Ensuring your kitchen is kept clean is no simple task. This room requires constant attention since it receives so much traffic. Additionally, many messes occur every day from cooking. That said, we carry some of the best kitchen and stovetop cleaners, including cleaning powders, polishes, and waxes available for every part of the room. These time-tested favorites are difficult to find anywhere else.

For example, our customers swear by our Jubilee Kitchen Wax, now exclusive to The Vermont Country Store. It cleans and shines like you remember since it’s made from the original formula. This polishing cream is fantastic at removing food stains and cutting through grease. Its formula is gentle yet effective on all of the difficult messes left in a kitchen.

When shopping for kitchen cleaners, don’t forget to invest in a trusted cleaning cloth, the perfect pair for all of our polishes.

We Carry Dish Washing Essentials

A large part of cleaning your kitchen includes cleaning the items and appliances that live in the room. Thankfully, we carry everything you need for taking the best care of your dishes. First, you’ll want to invest in a pair of heavy-duty dishwashing gloves. They protect hands from hot water, harsh soaps, and the wear and tear that occurs from cleaning.

Next, stock up on our kitchen sponges that come flat and compact for easy storage. For extra tough messes, our scrubber sponges can lift baked and burned-on foods with minimal effort. These multi-purpose scrubbers are strong yet gentle enough for pots, pans, marble, tile, glass, and more.

Finally, invest in a quality kitchen sink strainer to keep your drain clear from sink-clogging food debris. Ours is made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe for your convenience.

Don’t forget about our ultra-absorbent flour sack towels. These old-fashioned kitchen towels have been a favorite of Vermonters for years. They’re a great alternative to paper towels—more economical, eco-friendly, and as effective at drying surfaces. Finish off your dishwashing station with a dish drying mat, available in two different sizes, to best match your needs and the amount of counter space you have in your kitchen.

Other Handy Housekeeping Accessories for Your Kitchen

It’s important to keep your food safe from pests, and items in our Kitchen Cleaning selection do just that. Our non-toxic and pesticide-free moth traps are ideal for placing in the pantry to keep flour, rice, and other foods safe from grain moths. For tackling pesky kitchen odors, we carry an amazing kitchen candle. This incredible pillar burns away unwanted smells with its neutralizing ingredients.

Whatever supplies you need for keeping your kitchen clean, The Vermont Country Store has you covered. Take a look around and achieve your goal of a spotless kitchen with the help of our trusted kitchen cleaning products.