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Laundry Essentials

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One-Piece Natural Cotton Ironing Board Cover


Our clothes really take a beating. Even if we take care to keep them fresh and clean, daily activities like exercise, cooking, or spending time outdoors can all take a toll on our clothing. After months of wear, your clothes can go from looking brand new to limp, faded, stretched or stained.

Luckily, preserving your clothes is an easy task! Here at The Vermont Country Store, our laundry room essentials are designed to make doing the laundry a lot simpler for you, and a lot easier on your clothes. From washing to drying to ironing, our laundry room essentials are here to lend you a helping hand.

Tried and True Washing Solutions

Our spot removers and washer accessories have been proven time and time again to be some of the most effective laundry room essentials on the market today. We stock a variety of biodegradable, nontoxic, and chlorine free spot removers. These are an environmentally conscious choice that can remove everything from grass stains to coffee spills to oil splashes. To protect your delicates from the tossing and turning of your washing machine, try one of our lingerie bags, which are designed specifically to prevent tangled laundry. The open weave on these laundry room essentials allows your garments to be fully cleaned, yet keeps straps and hooks from damaging other clothing items. Use it for sweaters, too, to protect them from snagging on zippers or buttons.

Clothing Drying Racks and Air Dry Accessories

Back in the days before in-home washers and dryers were commonplace, homemakers made use of rustic yet effective air drying methods to keep their clothes looking great. Drying racks and clotheslines harken back to these simpler times, providing an easy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective solution that won't cost you a fortune like electric or gas dryers will. Plus, with these laundry room essentials, you'll never have to worry about accidentally shrinking your favorite sweater!

Sturdy wooden drying racks are smooth enough that they won't catch on delicate clothing items. When laundry day is over, our drying racks fold away and can be stored out of the way. Same goes for clotheslines: simply reel in the line once your items are dry, and store your clothespins in a convenient hanging canvas bag to keep them neat and tidy until next time.

Ironing Boards and More: Laundry Room Essentials to Eliminate Wrinkles

Ironing is not a fun task. From stubborn wrinkles and creases to flimsy ironing board pads that slip and slide around, pressing your laundry can be quite exasperating. Here at The Vermont Country Store, we've brought back some of our most-loved ironing boards and accessories to help you save some time and frustration. Take our canvas pads for ironing boards: made from 100 percent cotton, these canvas pads won't ever scorch and have a non-slip surface to keep even the most slippery shirts firmly in place. Tired of unsightly indents in your shirts and pants? A good, old-fashioned dry iron is the best way to press starching clothing, and has a smooth sole perfect for quilters and crafters.

Sometimes the best laundry room essentials come from old-fashioned methods. Let our best-selling laundry accessories simplify your wash so you can get back to doing the things you love.