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To us here at The Vermont Country Store, it means high quality items produced by our own friends and neighbors. It's a standard of excellence that can only come from American manufacturers. It means supporting our local artisans, designers, crafters and builders, and showing our local communities that we truly care.

We're doing our part by bringing together a collection of tried and true American-made home products that our customers love. These home solutions made in the USA range from cleaning products to bedding to decor and more, but they all have something in common: they're made right here in America, and their quality is second to none.

Gorgeous Furnishings and Comfortable Bedding

Candles, pillows, bedspreads, throws, and more: these items don't just beautify your home, they help support American businesses, too! American-made home products like braided rugs, hurricane lamps, and Matelasse bedspreads will add gorgeous, timeless touches to your decor. Nylon and cotton shower curtains add class to bathrooms. And how about some good old American Christmas decorations to spruce up the house for the holiday season?

Safe and Clean Home Solutions Made in the USA

From furniture polish to dust mops, we've got all the American made products to get your house in tip-top shape. Pest repellents like silverfish packets and electropulse rodent repellents are safe and effective ways to keep annoying bugs and mice from nesting in your home. Spot removers help make laundry easy and stress-free, and are biodegradable to boot. If you don't want to clutter up your closets with tons of different cleaners, try an all-purpose cleaning powder guaranteed to work on grease, splatters, bathtub scum, dirty windows, and even painted surfaces like window trim. These home solutions made in the USA make housekeeping a breeze.

Classic Toys and Books for the Little Ones

These American-made home products will keep your kiddos entertained for hours of classic fun! You might remember some of our toys from your own childhood: Duncan wooden yo-yos, mischievous sock monkeys, gravity-defying gyroscopes, tricky magnetic Scottie dogs, and wagging kitty cat clocks are just a few of the American-made home products we offer especially for children. Likewise, our books, records, classic board games and puzzles have been keeping the little ones entertained for decades. The world may be changing, but these toys and American-made home products will always prove a hit with the younger crowd.