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Framed Wall Art

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Vermont Songbird Art Collection, Set of 4 Prints


If you’re looking to make your house feel more like a home, try hanging artwork on your walls. As soon as empty spaces are filled with wall decor, a room takes on a new look and feel. Additionally, the artwork you choose tells a unique story. Art reveals things you like and believe in, perhaps what you listen to, and what you like to look at every day.

Whether you’re adding to your established art collection or are just beginning to buy pieces, look no further than the selection of wall art decor at The Vermont Country Store. Many of the works you’ll discover here are difficult to find anywhere else.

Beautiful Artwork by Our In-House Illustrator

The pieces you’ll find in our selection of wall art are incredibly unique and made exclusively for The Vermont Country Store. Our in-house illustrator, Donnel Barnum, has been creating artwork for us for over 31 years. If you’re a fan of the illustrations that have graced our catalog covers, you’ll be pleased to know they have all been created by the talented Barnum.

Barnum even used to illustrate every product in our catalog! Now, we’re happy to announce that you can display her beautiful artwork throughout your home. Our stunning wall art prints feature Donnel Barnum originals printed on premium archival paper.

Donnel is known for illustrating the natural world and the iconic landscapes of Vermont throughout our state’s four distinct seasons. If you have a passion for nature’s wonders and Vermont, you’re sure to fall in love with one of her original works. If you’re looking to add brightness and joy to your walls, look no further than one of her classic songbird prints.

Framed Prints for Easy Hanging

All our wall art prints come pre-framed. This not only keeps the art safe but takes the work out of finding the proper-sized picture frame once you receive it. Because it’s framed, you can begin enjoying your art print right away. Choose from either a white or black frame.

Consider adding your new piece to a gallery wall or hang it as a stand-alone artwork to bring joy to a new area of your home.

Enhance Any Room With a Unique Wall Art Print

Art can have a significant impact on the way you feel in a space. Because of this, it’s important to think about the pieces you’d like to display and how they make you feel. The wall decor and prints you’ll find at The Vermont Country Store are bright and cheerful, celebrating nature and the green mountain state. We hope they’ll bring joy to you and all who view them.