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Peanuts Patriotic Portuguese Cotton Sheet Set


The holidays can be some of the busiest times of the year, with numerous dinners, events, and family functions. But with that, they also bring you some of life’s most precious moments.

At The Vermont Country Store, we’re here to join in on the celebrations with a medley of newly added seasonal items in our stock. Shop from a wide array of new holiday accents so you can decorate your home with all things merry, cheerful, and sentimental. Whether it’s stockings for Christmas, chocolates for your loved ones, or other new holiday accents, we’ve had no shortage when it comes to newly added seasonal items.

Delight your loved ones with new holiday accents

Whether you’re buying for yourself or your loved ones, our newly added seasonal items have everyone’s cheer in mind. Nothing gets the holiday spirit going quite like our Charlie Brown and Snoopy stockings. Your entire family will be grinning with joy when they see these traditional red and white stockings hanging over the fireplace.

Out of stocking stuffer ideas? Our new holiday accents are bound to fill the gaps. If you’ve got a nutcracker fanatic in the house, they’ll rave about our authentic German nutcracker. With a mug of beer in hand, these handcrafted nutcrackers are as jolly as they are adorable.

Don’t run out of Christmas tree decorations

When it comes to holiday traditions, Christmas tree shopping never goes out of style. But after you’ve had your fun and found the perfect Christmas tree, you wouldn’t leave that thing brittle and bare, would you? That’s where our newly added seasonal items come into play. At The Vermont Country Store our new holiday accents have everything for your spruces or pines. In addition to porcelain Santa bells and handcrafted bird ornaments, we’ve also filled our stock with precious surprise ornaments that snap shut to hold a little trinket of your liking. Don’t forget a tree-topper to really give your tree that extra jingle.

Deck-orate the halls!

Once you’ve decorated your Christmas tree, you wouldn’t want to leave your home undecorated, now, would you? Invite the holiday spirit into your home with our various candles. From unique snowman shaped candle lanterns, to traditional advent candles, these new holiday accents will bring the right amount of ambiance into your space. You can even turn your home into a winter wonderland in seconds by placing one of our snow globes on a surface. With The Vermont Country Store’s newly added seasonal items, no inch of your home will go undecorated.

Spoil your taste-buds with unique holiday treats

While the holidays are perfect for decorating your home with new holiday accents, they’re also ideal for noshing on special holiday treats. At The Vermont Country Store, we wanted your taste buds to enjoy the fun, with newly added seasonal items you can eat. Buttery and delicious, our Irish whisky and Irish cream truffles will dazzle your senses with a creamy, liquor-infused center. These newly added seasonal items belong in your cabinet, no matter what holiday you’re celebrating. Great as an after-dinner treat during Christmas or Thanksgiving, and even better as a Valentine’s Day gift to please your loved one. Peruse our selection of newly added seasonal items for holiday gift ideas that won’t disappoint.