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A hostess is the overworked and underappreciated foundation of a party. Of course, a great hostess knows that and toils away graciously. She derives great joy from her guests’ well-being. But what separates a good house guest from a great one? That’s trickier. A good guest enjoys the party but doesn’t go the extra mile. A great guest takes an additional step to show the hostess their appreciation.

At The Vermont Country Store, we want our customers to be great guests, which is why we’ve stocked our shelves with an abundance of unique hostess gifts. From cutting boards and candles to artisanal bowls and gift sets, these unique hostess gifts will not go unnoticed.

The best gifts are gifts for the home

There’s nothing a hostess loves more than a gifts for the home. After all, when a hostess invites you into their space, they’re also introducing you to an important part of their life: their home. If she wasn’t proud of the sanctuary she’s built for her family, she wouldn’t invite people over. The best way to compliment a party hostess is by complimenting her home. What better way to do so than by giving her a new home gift?

For starters, you can’t go wrong with a wreath. These regal pieces can adorn a door, be perched on a mantle, or set out as a centerpiece. Plus, each wreath is uniquely crafted so each home will have their own unique wreath. Candles are another classic favorite. Because who doesn’t want a little ambiance in their home?

As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is. So when you get gifts for the home, you’re gifting the heart.

Need gift ideas for someone who likes to cook?

Splurge on gifts for the kitchen! You can never have too much help when you’re cooking. A hostess who loves to cook will welcome any extra helping hands. Plus, we all know how helpful the rest of the family can get when they’re catching up on stories or sipping on liquor chocolates…not very.

So give your hostess the support they deserve with our unique hostess gifts. We have a plethora of kitchen aids in our stock, that we frankly have enough of in our own kitchens. From a lemon reamer and apple peeler all the way to kitchen towels and butter churners, these unique hostess gifts will make their mark in the kitchen. Select from a variety of enamel bowls and slate cutting board to really make an impression.

Make your hostess feel like the guest of honor by presenting her with our thoughtful gifts for the home.