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Men's Cologne & Fragrances

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What's the key to a man's timeless style? We'll give you a hint: It's not the suit, the tie, or the hairstyle. In fact, it's even easier than that! The simplest way to look elegant and feel great each and every day is as simple as dabbing on cologne. Whether you're getting dressed for church, going to work, or running errands, a man's greatest--and simplest--accessory is a timeless fragrance. Classic designer brands like St. John's, Clubman, Jade East, and No. 4711 bring you vintage and masculine scents for the modern era. With decades of history, quality, and reliability behind them, our selection of traditional cologne for men will never go out of style.

Distinguished fragrances for every man

Shopping for men’s cologne can seem a bit daunting. After all, fragrances are usually geared toward women, right? But with The Vermont Country Store's curated selection of men’s cologne, you can easily choose from a variety of refreshing fragrances that will give you an aura of confidence and class without any heavy perfumes or feminine florals. Scents like bay leaf lend a spiced, island-infused flavor, which when matched with citrus notes provide a slightly sweet yet still manly fragrance. Traditional men’s cologne can double as aftershave and lend a fresh lime or minty scent to refresh, cool, and soothe skin post-shave. And if you're after something distinctive and recognizable, No. 4711 is as classic as it gets. The men’s cologne has been made in Germany for over 200 years and its fresh citrus formula remains a secret to this very day. It's a longstanding tradition that has been a favorite of gentlemen for more than two centuries, and its invigorating scent has stood the test of time.

Gifts fit for a gentleman

What can you get the man who has everything? You truly can't go wrong with a set of vintage men’s cologne that will give him an air of timeless elegance for years to come. With signature sets from established brands like Royall and Jade East, your special man will surely find a fragrance he loves. No matter if he's a suit-and-tie kind of guy, or the type who prefers a t-shirt and jeans to a buttoned-up outfit--with just a spritz of one of our refreshing scents, he can feel put together in no time.

At The Vermont Country Store, we know that men’s cologne should be suited for the modern man but with a nod to fragrance traditions of years past. With our variety of eau de cologne and aftershave, we hope that every man can find something to suit his personality and boost his confidence with just one simple spray.