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We spend hours each day applying creams to our faces, lotions to our skin and tinctures to our hair. But do you ever stop and think about how you treat your feet?

Our feet carry us from morning to night, and by the end of the day are tired, achy, and sweaty, yet we rarely give them a break. That's why The Vermont Country Store provides a wide array of women's cotton socks, wool socks, support pantyhose, and tights for women that will leave your feet feeling comfortable and pampered rather than tired and sore. Made for everyone from office workers to athletes, our women's cotton socks will keep you comfortable through a whole day on your feet.

Women's Cotton Socks and Wool Socks

Whether you're a hiker, jogger, biker, hunter, or are an indoors kind of girl, we've got the perfect sock for you. A wool blend is an excellent choice for being outdoors in the colder months: wool offers superior protection from the weather, and holds in warmth with amazing effectiveness. Women's cotton socks are perfect for the office or for running errands, since cotton wicks moisture away and is breathable enough to keep your toes from sweating, so active ladies don't have to worry about unpleasant odors. And for special occasions, try out a sleek cashmere number that's as silky soft as it is beautifully made.

Stylish Tights for Women and Cozy Leg Warmers

Women's cotton socks might be the ideal solution for spring and summer, but once it gets chilly out you'll need something a bit more substantial to keep you toasty warm. That's where our cable knit leg warmers and tights for women come into play. You don't have to relegate your dresses and skirts to the back of the closet all winter. Simply throw on a pair of insulated wool blend tights, and you'll stay warm from head to toe. Leg warmers are a more casual look, yet still just as stylish and made with the same great quality insulated ragg wool.

Support Pantyhose and Compression Socks

Physicians have been recommending supportive garments for years due to their anti-inflammatory qualities that reduce swelling and improve circulation, plus help eliminate pain, varicose veins and spider veins. Here at The Vermont Country Store, our pantyhose offer great support and are offered in various styles like knee-highs, thigh-highs, and full coverage, as well as several different colors so you can enjoy their comfortable massaging properties alongside all your favorite dresses and skirts.

Even when you're dressing it down, our compression socks will give you a casual yet put-together look with the same beneficial effects of our support pantyhose. These women's cotton socks and wool-blend garments are specially made with graduated compression, so they are tightest at the ankle and decrease through the calf. And with several fun patterns and solids to choose from, you can dress for the occasion while staying comfortable and energized.