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Zesty Lemon Bundt Cake with Coconut Garnish
Slice of Irish Cream Pie on Plate
Harvest Cake with Apples and Raisins on Plate


When you were younger you never understood what all the fuss was about as the grownups gathered around the liqueur cake. Back then, it was just cake to you—but now that you’re wiser, you know that liqueur cake is the best way to top off a luxurious meal.

Next time you’re on the lookout for liquor cake, why not stop at The Vermont Country Store? With a variety of spirited desserts, liqueur cakes from around the world, and more, we offer everything you need to take your festivities to the next level. From Caribbean coconut rum cake and whiskey pecan pie to Limoncello Panetone and Irish cream pies, our liquor baked goods will please everyone’s senses.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with spirited desserts from faraway

At The Vermont Country Store, our bakery is overflowing with spirited desserts from around the world. Savor English tradition with a rich English plum pudding that’s decorated with a brandy and rum ribbon. If you’ve ever dreamed of relaxing in the Italian countryside, why not spoil yourself with our Limoncello Panettone? This labor of love is brought to you from a generations-old Italian bakery where it’s filled with Limoncello cream and candied lemon peels.

Lastly, our German Black Forest Brandy Stollen is bound to please as this liqueur cake features a rich, all-butter yeast dough that’s oozing with candied cherries and a few splashes of cherry brandy. Exotic and decadent, these spirited desserts will leave your taste buds cheering for more.

Delight your guests with liquor baked goods from nearby

While we pride ourselves in offering a medley of liqueur cake from foreign neighbors, we’d be remiss not to let you indulge on liquor baked goods with familiar flavors. Sliced into neat squares, our liquor fruitcake slices are doused in a glug of bourbon, rum, and brandy and individually wrapped for freshness you can enjoy on the go. Whether you love our rich, rum-spiked spice cake, whiskey pecan pie, or Brandy-drenched Vermont-made fruitcakes, our liquor baked goods and liquor-soaked cakes will send you and your loved ones over the moon.

The icing on the liqueur cake?

Well, it’s our hard sauce of course. Created lovingly with whole milk, sugar, and buttermilk, this devilishly tasty concoction just needs a bit of heat and it’ll be ready to serve over your spirited desserts.

You can pour this ultra-rich recipe over over any baked good. You can watch our hard sauce ooze, glace, and dribble off of fruit cakes, fig puddings, and more. You’ll be licking your fingers well into the night with this delicious delight.

Spread the cheer with liquor baked goods you can bring on-the-go

The best part about our liqueur cake isn’t just that it helps you impress guests at home, it’s that they’ll impress the host too. If you’re on your way to a party or event, nothing will bring a smile to your host’s face like our Luscious Lemon Cake—especially when they realized this cake packs an extra kick. It's soaked in vodka! Plus, if your party’s a drive away, many our liqueur cakes are meticulously packaged to last you well through your expedition.