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Vermont Common Crackers, 14 Ounce Tin
Vermont Country Store Storekeepers Crunch Snack Mix, 14 Ounce Canister


Feeling snacky? Munch on our unique selection of crackers, chips, and dips. Perfect for entertaining guests or for satisfying a rumbling stomach, we carry long-time favorites. These include Charles potato chips and Charles pretzels which are great alone or with our selection of dipping sauces and mustards.

Whether you’re looking for delicious crackers to complement a cheese platter, irresistible party dips for chips and vegetables, or simply a new favorite snack food, we’ve got you and your taste buds covered.

Party Snacks that Make Entertaining a Breeze

What’s the most important aspect of a party? Some would say the music, while others would argue it’s the decorations. But most people can probably agree that snacks are high in the rankings. Food tends to bring people together and snacks are an integral part of any gathering. If you’re at a loss for where to begin when it comes to snacks, take a look at the selection of cracker dip, chip dip, snacks, and other finger foods we carry at The Vermont Country Store.

Keep Your Favorite Crackers and Dips on Hand

Stock up on tasty snacks and dips so you’re ready for impromptu get-togethers. At The Vermont Country Store, we even carry shelf-stable dips that are ready to eat with the addition of one or two other ingredients. You’ll always be prepared for unexpected company. Relax knowing that people won’t be going hungry when you’ve stocked your shelves with our crave-able snacks and irresistible dips.

We Have The Perfect Way to Serve Dip

Of course, we also carry some lovely enamelware for serving up our delicious dips. Not only do these classic enamelware pieces look great, but they are made to keep dips at the proper temperature. Fill the base with hot water or ice to keep them hot or cold. Alternatively, remove the base and use it to hold crackers, veggies, or pretzels to go with the dip. This snack will be taken to the next level with the proper tools for presentation and serving.

Hard to Find Crackers, Dips, and Spreads at The Vermont Country Store

Many of the delicious party snacks we carry are difficult to find anywhere else! For cheese lovers, we have crisps made from 100% parmesan cheese, baked into rounds for a cracker-like treat. It’s hard to believe the only ingredient is cheese! Also, we have olive spreads and Italian Bruschetta in a variety of impressive flavors.

To go along with these amazing treats, shop classics such as a tin of Vermont Common Crackers—these pair well with everything from chowders to fine cheese. For something different than a cracker but just as good for munching on, consider our wasabi peanuts, sesame sticks, or rice cracker mix, all sized for a party. The Vermont Country Store can be your one-stop-shop for all the crackers, chips, and dips that will satisfy your hunger on special occasions and between meals.