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Women’s Clothing & Accessories Made in the USA

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Cotton Cardigan Sweater for Women
Scarf Necklace


While it’s certainly exciting to travel and acquire gorgeous clothing abroad, a true American never forgets the importance of buying women's clothing made in America. Besides boosting the economy and increasing prosperity, buying USA-made clothing for women encourages a higher standard of working conditions while minimizing environmental pollution. Plus, it’s an excellent way to show your American pride.

At The Vermont Country Store, we know our customers take every chance they can to wave their red, white, and blue flag high and support American manufacturers and businesses. That’s why we’ve stocked our closets full with American made clothing for women that will delight the most patriotic of hearts. When you wear our American-made women’s apparel, you’re not just wearing high-quality items that look great, you’re wearing your American spirit on your sleeve.

Stay warm in our women’s clothing made in America

How often have you gone looking for a set of keys that went missing only to discover them right where you started? How many times have you lost a pair of glasses only to find them under your nose? At The Vermont Country Store, we know that, sometimes, we don’t have to travel too far to find what we’re looking for, which is why we we’d be remiss not to offer a wide selection of women’s clothing made in right here in the United States.

From smooth cotton undershirts and silky cashmere socks to cable knit leg warmers and lightweight cotton tanks, our USA-made clothing for women will keep you feeling toasty and patriotic. If you love reliable outerwear that staves off the cold, you’ll adore our cushy fleece cape and wind-busting anorak jacket. Our customers turn to these trusted items time and again to banish the slightest winter chill.

Elegant and refined, our USA-made clothing for women is a reminder you that you don’t have to venture too far to find clothes that are stylish, comfortable, and warm.

Our American-made women’s apparel draws inspiration from the land

Take a closer peek at our accessories and USA-made casual wear for women and you’ll be delighted to find eye-catching prints and styles designed with classic American imagery.

The second you pick up one of our nature-inspired accessories, you’ll be transported back to American forests you’ve known and loved for years. Our oak leaf pins and maple leaf necklaces preserve the beauty of the natural leaf, while dazzling onlookers with a gorgeous copper finish. And like the leaves themselves, each pendant and pin is one of a kind.

In addition to accessories that echo the forest, we also offer silky chiffon scarves and luxurious necklace scarves. After all, we knew we wouldn’t be doing our nation’s values justice, if we didn’t give you a little variety.

When you buy American-made women’s apparel, you can spruce up any look for the years to come.

Dress for any occasion with our American-made women’s clothing

One thing that we at The Vermont Country Store love about America is the diversity of its landscape. From prairies and mountains to tundra and canyons, you’d be hard pressed to find a patch of land that boasts the same variety. That’s why you need American-made women's clothing that can be worn anywhere from sea to shining sea.

Our M.MAC dresses are shining examples of versatile women’s clothing made in America. Ankle or calf-length, these figure-flattering dresses feature artful prints appropriate for both an evening cocktail and a morning stroll.

If you’re on the lookout for clothes you’re proud to wear, our American-made women’s apparel is bound to satisfy your heart.