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Classic Toys

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Original Pogo Bal Outdoor Game
Bozo Bop Bag
Metal Kazoo
Tricky Dogs


No matter how old we get, we never seem to outgrow the little kid in us. Just the sight of these vintage toys gets us excited as they hold a special place in our hearts. Can you recall your favorite childhood toy? Perhaps you were partial to your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, or loved throwing fancy tea parties with your teddy bear friends. Maybe board games were your favorite pastime, and you could beat the whole family at a round of Parcheesi in the blink of an eye. Or were you a fan of making up your own tunes with a selection of child-sized musical instruments? Even though you’re all grown up now, you’re never too old to relive the pleasure and joy of playing with these now vintage toys and games. Bring the kids and grandkids together to enjoy an evening of kids' antique games like Monopoly and Scrabble, or introduce the younger generation to classic and retro toys with a Slinky or wooden toy train. With vintage toys and games from The Vermont Country Store, you'll be able to relive the happy memories from your favorite childhood pastimes.

From Tiddledy Winks to Checkers: Kids’ Antique Games

Puzzles and board games galore! We've spent years collecting all the hard to find kids' antique games that made our own family game nights so special, so you can keep the family traditions alive with your own kids and grandkids. Teach them a new game that they've never heard of, or play the vintage edition of several time-honored board games. These kids' antique games are the same ones you played years ago, ready to be enjoyed with a new generation of little ones.

Classic and Retro Toys, Dolls and Plush Animals

When it comes to vintage toys and games, nearly all of us had a favorite doll or plush animal who went everywhere with us. These classic and retro toys, like an adorable jointed teddy bear, Strawberry Shortcake doll, or cuddly Raggedy Ann, became our constant companions throughout all sorts of childhood adventures and expeditions. From tea parties to playing pirates, these vintage toys and games were by our side the whole way. Now you can once again hold your favorite classic and retro toys, or gift a plush toy to a young loved one so they can have a new best friend.

Tops, Slinkies, and Noisemakers: Old School Vintage Toys and Games

Our selection of kids' antique games is second to none. We believe in the power of play, and we hope all our loyal customers can do so, too. Whether you're gifting classic and retro toys to a child or grandchild, or simply want to experience your childhood pastimes all over again, you can't beat The Vermont Country Store's vintage toys and games.