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Thanksgiving always brings the very best things that we can be thankful for; family, friends and, of course, food. However, that last one always seems to be the hardest task to get right. Getting the turkey cooked to perfection and making sure everyone at the table has enough to eat always seems like a mountain of a task. Since there is so much that goes into a Thanksgiving feast, shouldn’t there be an easier way to make sure that turkey dinner is done just right? Luckily enough, The Vermont Country Store offers a large collection of Thanksgiving cookware and gadgets! From drip catchers to meat thermometers, we’ve got you covered to help make sure your Thanksgiving dinner goes off without a hitch!

The History of Thanksgiving Food

If you ask most people in the United States to tell you about the history behind Thanksgiving, they would probably tell you about the “First Thanksgiving” and how it was attended by pilgrims and Native Americans. However, the actual story behind the holiday is much more rich and deep. Here are just a few quick facts about Thanksgiving dinner and how we got to the holiday we have today:

  • Most historians believe that desserts such as pie were most-likely not included in the “First Thanksgiving,” due to a lack of sugar and proper heating.
  • The use of bread-based stuffing only became a staple of Thanksgiving dinner in the late 18th century. Before this time, it’s possible that herbs and crushed nuts were used to dress the turkey and other meats.
  • Most of the food that was served at the “First Thanksgiving” was native to the Americas and was prepared mainly using Native American cooking techniques and spices.
  • While most of the food served during the “First Thanksgiving” is still used today, seafood and venison were served during the first meal alongside turkey.
  • Americans eat more food on Thanksgiving day than on any other day of the year!

As you can see, we’ve come a long way from that first celebration. Our essential Thanksgiving kitchen tools and helpful cooking gadgets help us to prepare our modern-day feasts.

Cookware and Gadgets Used on Thanksgiving

While the traditional Thanksgiving menu has been fairly untouched for many years, the technology we use to cook that menu has steadily gotten better and better. We now have devices that can make sure our food is cooked to a safe temperature, gadgets to help keep food warm, and utensils to serve every scoop with a bit of flair. All of these Thanksgiving cooking tools make for a much safer and enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner. The Vermont Country Store offers a vast array of different Thanksgiving cookware and gadgets to help you prepare your holiday meal. Some of the items you can find are:

  • Meat Thermometers
  • Pie Drip Catchers
  • Bread and Cake Pans
  • And many others!

As we approach the next Thanksgiving dinner, you can appreciate that you don’t need to cook and bake your feast like those who started the tradition. Sleep soundly knowing that The Vermont Country Store offers all the cookware and gadgets you’ll need to craft the perfect Thanksgiving dinner!