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Eileen West Moonlight Sonata Long Cotton Lawn Nightgown


Getting a good night’s sleep means more than having a strong mattress and a luxurious sleeping mask to block out the light—it means furnishing your closet with a wide selection of comfortable women’s nightgowns, so you can get an uninterrupted night of quality sleep.

At The Vermont Country Store, we know how difficult it is to find flannel sleepwear and cotton nightgowns for women that meet all your standards, which is why ours are the ultimate in timeless comfort and lasting quality. With women’s nightgowns that are as versatile as they are ladylike, you’d be hard pressed to find ones that compare. The second you slip on one of our women’s nightgowns, your dreams of a good night’s sleep will come true.

Wear warm cotton nightgowns for women made for winter

While many believe the age-old misconception that nightgowns can only be worn in warmer months, we’re of a different school of thought at The Vermont Country Store. We pride ourselves in offering a selection of women’s nightgowns that can be worn throughout the year.

Triple-brushed for maximum softness and woven to perfection, our flannel nightgowns are unmatched in comfort and coverage. Treat yourself to long sleeve variations to keep the evening chill at arm’s length or opt for the quarter length sleeves for flexibility.

You can rest easy knowing that these flannels won’t wear and tear under duress, since they’re expertly woven by artisans in Portugal, where flannels are famous for their ultra-deluxe quality. At The Vermont Country Store, we know a thing or two about cold weather, so you can trust us when it comes to flannel sleepwear.

If you want to keep the heat at bay, less is more

While warm flannel sleepwear is a wintertime staple, warmer weather calls for women’s nightgowns made with lightweight fabrics that let your skin breathe. That’s why we stocked our inventory with classic cotton nightgowns that are always in style. Our top quality summer cotton nightgowns for women are designed with extra-soft cotton that doesn’t cling, making these women’s nightgowns an ideal summertime option. Pick from crew neck and scoop neck styles featuring short sleeve and sleeveless options. With pretty prints in feminine florals and delicate pastel solids, our women’s nightgowns are sure to sweep you off your feet with charm and elegance. Whether you’re looking for a short cotton nightgown with short sleeves, or a full length long sleeve cotton nightgown, The Vermont Country Store has you covered - literally!

100% cotton nightgowns, 100% style

The Vermont Country Store has enlisted the help of our friends at noteworthy brands to build a diverse and stylish collection of cotton nightgowns for women. Eileen West and Lanz of Salzburg’s nightgowns add a distinction that helps us look back on magical tales and fables of yesteryear.

Eileen West’s gorgeous women’s nightgowns will bring a smile to your face with their feminine lace trims and delicate embellishments. From knee length gowns, to full length flowing options, you'll feel a bit of summer breeze sewn into the lightweight cotton fabrics of these women's nightgowns. Are these cotton nightgowns for women meant to be worn to bed or under the moonlight? We’re still not so sure ourselves.

For those who are nostalgic to the core, Lanz of Salzburg nightgowns are accented with traditional embroidery and embellishments, so you can go to sleep in styles that were in fashion before the stress of modern life. With figure flattering cuts and modest necklines, Lanz nightgowns are easy to wear to bed and breakfast!