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Men's Seersucker Sleepwear

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Men's Striped Cotton Seersucker Robe
Men's Classic Stripe Cotton Seersucker Pajama Pants


When the seasons change and an icy winter melts into a balmy summer, falling asleep at night can pose more of a challenge than usual. At The Vermont Country Store, we know that dozing off on a muggy night requires sleepwear that’s light, easy, and breathable, which is why our line of men’s lightweight sleepwear is ultra-light and ultra-absorbent. Delicate and breathable, our seersucker nightshirts, bathrobes, and classic seersucker men's pajamas are the ultimate escape from sleepless summer nights.

Our classic seersucker pajamas for men go light on fabric but heavy on sleep

When it’s overwhelmingly warm outside, you’ll want to replace your bulky pajamas with men’s lightweight pajamas that won’t smother or weight you down. Gentle and puckery, our classic seersucker pajamas for men are the perfect substitute for thick flannels. These feathery, cotton pajamas will float gently over the skin, allowing for maximum air circulation to keep you cool. Select from stylish seersucker robes, handsome shorties or classic seersucker PJ’s for men to maximize your night’s sleep.

With men’s lightweight sleepwear that goes easy on the fabric and heavy on the sleep, we’re here to rescue you from a sticky situation.

Turn off fans and AC’s and turn to seersucker sleepwear

Getting your full eight hours in sweltering temperatures can be such an ordeal. And with fans or air conditioners blasting away, falling asleep isn’t just hard, it’s also harsh on the environment and your electric bill. If you can’t stand the rumble of an AC running through the room at night, our men’s lightweight sleepwear might be your best bet.

softness that stays roomy and cool over the body, our classic seersucker PJ’s for men are made from lightweight materials that will fan you to sleep. Unlike AC’s, they don’t make a sound in your room and don’t leave a mark on the environment or your bills.

Keep your seersuckers long after the heat has faded

Although lightweight, our classic seersucker pajamas for men are known for their persistence. Loose-fitting and comfortable, these lightweight pieces are designed with 100% cotton seersucker to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Plus, they’re dependable enough for you to wash freely without fear of wearing or tearing the fabrics.

Our customers rely on our men’s lightweight sleepwear time and again to keep them fresh during the summer. When you furnish your closet with our men’s lightweight sleepwear pieces, you’re furnishing it with the utmost in quality and value.