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Waterhog Mats

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Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Oversized Doormat


You’ve likely heard the name Waterhog, and it’s no wonder. This household brand of super-absorbent entryway mats offers superior protection for a home and its floors. Waterhog mats are available in several different colors and styles to fit with almost every home style. They offer unbeatable protection, especially in regions with four seasons.

Through the snow, rain, sleet, and mud, these water-absorbent rugs and mats will keep your home clean thanks to its durable construction. These thin mats seem to drink up water, handling whatever elements they’re hit with. So, if you need a proper entryway mat to protect your floors, look no further than an authentic Waterhog.

At The Vermont Country Store, we stand by these products and their performance so much, we’ve dedicated an entire section to them. Here, you’ll find Waterhog entryway mats, doormats of various sizes, half-circle mats, runners, and more. Protect your floors and add to your home with one of the most widely-used and trusted doormats in the industry: The Waterhog.

The Waterhog Difference

Did you know that a Waterhog holds up to a gallon of water per square foot? In addition to this, these mats are heat, mold, mildew, and rot-resistant. All this is true while they are lightweight and thin in appearance. They act as a super durable, magical kind of sponge. Once you buy one, you’ll be grateful for it season after season.

Greet Guests With a Seasonal Entrance Mat

Although you can go with a more neutral design, Waterhog mats are available in seasonal and decorative styles. Around Christmastime, keep your eyes peeled for Waterhog entrance mats adorned with festive messages or a holiday motif.

Greet your guests who come to visit over the holidays with a jolly entrance mat and keep the snow in check. To welcome the warmth of Spring, place a welcome mat outside your front door that features birds and flowers. It’s great for getting a handle on pesky mud.

Waterhog is Perfect for Placing Beneath a Christmas Tree

Our Waterhog tree mat offers floors superior protection during the holiday season. Available in red or evergreen, this mat soaks up water while also catching needles and other debris. And with a Christmas design around its edges, a traditional tree skirt isn’t even necessary! Next Christmas, consider a Waterhog tree mat as decoration with superior floor protection.

Better Than The Average Boot Tray

Most boot trays collect and puddle up water rather than absorb it. They’re also kind of bulky, and not always the most aesthetically pleasing. But this can change if you decide to go with a Waterhog boot tray, instead.

This boot “tray” is actually a mat with the amazing water-absorbing technology Waterhog is known for. It comes in several different colors and designs, including a lovely fall leaf pattern. Add to your entryway with a stylish place to store your shoes and boots, keeping dirt and water off of the floors.

Investing in a Waterhog is Investing in Your Home

Once you experience the difference a Waterhog can make, you’ll wonder how you ever went without one. Shop The Vermont Country Store for Waterhog mats in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles, and keep your floors protected and clean for seasons to come.