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Eye, Ear & Oral Care

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LimberBerry Blueberry Hyaluronic Acid Tonic


When it comes to enjoying life to the fullest, our eyes, ears, and mouths are what we rely on the most. Without them, it’d be impossible to see the people we love, hear the songs we grew up to, and taste our favorite foods. That’s why at The Vermont Country Store, we place a heavy emphasis on eye, ear, and oral care. Our natural wellness items will protect these vital sensory organs so you can experience all the world has to offer. With topical ointments, healing creams, and other eye, ear, and oral care items, The Vermont Country Store has all you need to make the most of life.

Work miracles on your eyes with topical creams and dietary supplements

When it comes to eye, ear, and oral care, our natural wellness items provide versatile relief. Our caffeine-infused eye creams will banish wrinkles, reduce puffiness, and brighten dark circles. You can even attack signs of aging with a dab of our dermatologist-approved anti-aging cream.

At The Vermont Country Store, our natural wellness items can also be enjoyed in the spoonfuls. A daily dose of our Maculex supplement contains bilberry and eyebright, which are known to stave off macular degeneration. Plus, our EyeClear pro remedy is one of our most trusted natural wellness items and is known to provide temporary relief against itchiness, blurriness, or cloudiness.

Get rid of ear-itation with our premium ear care products

If you’re after high-quality ear care, settling for toxic products with unpronounceable names and chemicals can do more damage than good. At The Vermont Country Store, we believe in a natural approach using natural wellness items to treat your most vital features.

Our homeopathic ear wax relief drops combat ear wax without burning or corrupting your ears. It both reduces and prevents ear wax from building up, all with a safe, natural formula. If you’re sensitive of hearing, Bio-Ear formula was developed in Sweden and promotes blood flow to the ear. Of course, for daily care, we also offer top grade first aid cotton swabs that are soft and fully and sturdy to the core, thanks to the traditional wooden stick you can't find anywhere else, treat yourself to the best natural wellness items for top-grade eye, ear, and oral care.

Need to brush up your oral hygiene routine?

You’re in good hands. Oral care can be tedious and time consuming but every inch of effort goes a long way. At The Vermont Country Store, we’re into all things natural. Natural remedies, natural creams. So why leave out toothbrushes from the equation? We used boar-bristles for ours so they don’t break down like their synthetic counterparts. Plus, natural bristles are recommended by dentists as part of a healthy oral care routine. We’ve also stocked our shelves full with a hands-free magnifying mirror with dual magnification in case you need to access the hard-to-reach corners of your mouth.

At the Vermont Country Store, we know that eye, ear, and oral care is essential in keeping you healthy and happy. That’s why our natural wellness items were formulated with your needs in mind.